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A head-on attack sinks the USS Bulmer.

Primary Objectives

  • Sink the enemy fleet

Don't let the objective fool you. This can be a tough mission, but if you manage to win, you'll automatically get the gold medal, so that's good. The enemy fleet you must sink consists of:

  • New York class BB (x1)
  • York class CA (x1)
  • Fletcher class DD (x1)
  • Clemson class DD (x2)

The trick in this mission is to act quickly enough that you don't run out of air. If you run out of air and the battleship is nearby, you're going to get fried by its massive cannons. On the other hand, the battleship and the HMS York will completely avoid you until you surface and, therefore, are the biggest non-factors in this fight. The destroyers are obviously what should be on your mind.

Sinking the Fleet[edit]

A destroyer is sunk by a pair of torpedoes.
Torpedoing the battleship should be nice and easy.

Keep your periscope raised as you observe the enemy fleet. Keep track of which destroyer breaks formation and heads for you. Now is also a really good time to practice the head-on attack, as it really is the best way to sink an enemy destroyer. Doing so will allow you to act a little more freely, but keep in mind that you're going to run out of air, so you may want to start working on those bigger ships too.

One by one, the destroyer escorts will leave the formation and head straight for you. Perform the head-on attack to sink these menaces.

When you feel you can use a few torpedoes, get as close as you can and lodge torpedoes into the battleship in particular. By now you're probably running low on air, so you're going to want to start removing the surface threats. By now most if not all of the enemy destroyers should be at the bottom, so that should be that. Work quickly and don't forget to use the rear torpedo launchers to cause additional damage. Spread your torpedoes out and punch multiple smaller holes instead of one big one, especially in the enemy battleship. Sink the HMS York in the same manner to end the mission.

Another strategy is to wait until you are close to the first destroyer, and then torpedo it. Turn to torpedo the York next. Be sure to slow down to half speed, otherwise your torpedoes won't be loaded before you get too close. Fire all four forward torpedoes and sink the York. Then, dive to depth level 4 (crush depth), and come around until you are sailing right under the New York. Come up to periscope depth, and launch all four torpedoes into the battleship. Continue forward under the battleship and fire your rear torpedoes when you get in front of it to sink it. Then let the destroyers chase you while you lodge torpedoes into them. The Japanese's sub has its torpedo tubes located a little farther away from the center or your sub, so you'll want to move the crosshairs a little to the right side for the left rear tube and a little to the left for the right rear tube. Since the destroyers have to chase you, you shouldn't take any or much damage from depth charges. Although torpedoes have a long range, try not to fire until you're close. Torpedoes travel very slowly and all enemy ships have torpedo avoidance on.