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After watching the opening intro, which introduces the two heroes Donald Locklear and Henry Walker, you'll be playing latter for the first half of the mission, and the former for the second half. The only unit under your command is your Elco Patrol Boat and, later, Douglas' P-40 Warhawk.

Your first objective in the game is to head for the Phoenix.

Primary Objectives

  • Report to the USS Phoenix
  • Repel the Air Raid
  • Take revenge for Pearl Harbour (down 10 enemy aircraft)
  • Donald must survive

Hidden Objective

  • Shoot down 30 enemy aircraft

Pearl Harbour & The USS Phoenix[edit]

Historical Trivia
Two of the battleships in the mission are identified as the Vestal and the New Orleans. The Vestal was in reality a repair ship parked next to the Arizona, and not a battleship. The New Orleans was a Heavy Cruiser, parked across the channel where the player's PT boat comes out of the hanger and sails next to the submarine base. Also of note is the ship you are heading to, the "USS Phoenix", actually made it out of Pearl Harbor undamaged. It was also part of an impromptu task force of ships that survived the attack and sought out the Japanese air craft carriers that perpetrated the attack.
The USS Arizona as it appears in Pearl Harbour

Pearl Harbour is relatively easy to navigate. The American battleships are arranged the same way as they were in reality, so if you'd like you can tour Pearl Harbour a little before heading off to your objective, the USS Phoenix. There is no time limit.

If you intend to skip the sightseeing, all you have to do is, from your starting point, hang a tight right around the docks, using your rudder controls to steer the ship and your speed controls to adjust your speed. The rest of the fleet is just hanging around, but bumping into any solid object, especially at high speed, will cause damage to your ship. You'll need all the health you can get for later.

Line up the yellow objective marker and steer around the transport ships and simply head straight for the USS Phoenix. The Phoenix is an Atlanta-class light cruiser, but unfortunately you won't be commanding it at all, because as soon as you approach her, a cutscene will introduce Henry and yourself to some real battle action.

Repel the Air Raid[edit]

"We have incoming enemy aircraft!!"

"Enemy air forces are inbound!" will likely be the first thing you'll hear as the next portion of the mission starts. The sky is crowded with all kinds of enemy aircraft, including Kate torpedo bombers, Val dive bombers, and Zero fighters.

You now have access to your three .50 calibre machine guns. Use them to fire on the enemy aircraft as they bomb away at the anchored US warships. There's absolutely nothing you can do to save the US warships at this point besides take down as many enemy aircraft as possible. With you being the main threat to the attack force, you'd think you'd be under constant attack - in fact, the Kates and the Vals are more than content to bomb the warships and leave you unscathed. The only threat at this point are the Zeroes, who approach and attempt to strafe you.

If no Zeroes have marked you as a target, go ahead and aim for the bombers. The low-flying ones are the easiest targets.

Shoot down 30 enemy aircraft to accomplish the mission's bonus objective.

The Midget Submarine[edit]

After several seconds to a minute of machine guns, another cutscene will kick in, revealing that a Japanese midget submarine has found its way into the harbour with the intent to torpedo a US warship.

Now is a very good opportunity to rake up the 30 (minimum 20) aerial kills for the secret objective. The submarine doesn't go anywhere, and while it can launch torpedoes, they are of no threat to you since the PT boat is too shallow for torpedoes to connect. The rest of the US fleet is lost anyway, so the midget sub isn't a priority target.

Once you've downed the enemy aircraft (you should hear a short "victory piece" play) and accomplished the bonus objective, simply sail right on top of the midget sub, switch to depth charges, and hold down the fire button until the submarine goes down.

The game continues once you've sunk the midget submarine, so make sure you down as many aircraft as possible before moving on.

Eagle Squadron[edit]

Historical Trivia
Kenneth M. Taylor and George S. Welch are both mentioned in passing during this phase of the mission. Both were real people present during the attack and shot down two and four Japanese aircraft respectively.
Get behind and if possible below a target to avoid the enemy tail gunner

The mission now switches over to Douglas "Don" Locklear, flying a P-40 Warhawk, out to take revenge for the attack. Leading Eagle squadron, Donald's P-40 is the only unit you will be able to control for this mission. Fortunately, it is all you will need.

A trio of retreating Vals is directly in front of you, as well as to the sides. You start on the enemy's tail, so fly in and shoot down the Vals. The objective here is to either:

  • Shoot down 10 enemy aircraft (this 10 is taken into account for the secret objective: therefore, shooting down 20 enemy planes as a PT boat and 10 as a Warhawk for a total of 30 will fulfill this objective)
  • All enemy aircraft land.

You can't damage the carriers, and even then there are two of them as well as multiple escorts, which will put up an extremely tough flak barrage for you to deal with. You don't have bombs, so ignore the ships and focus on the planes. You can, however, strafe enemy aircraft as they land, thus counting for a kill (interestingly, aircraft actually lose control on the deck and crash into the side of the carrier if you kill them while they're on the deck).

Once 10 enemy aircraft are down, or they all retreat to the carriers, the mission is completed.