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Surprise Attack
10 Gamerscore points
Surprise Attack
Destroy all parked planes at Pearl Harbour.

After watching the opening intro, you'll be sent right to attack Pearl Harbour. Your first objective will be to eliminate the specified targets - a few P-40 Warhawks parked on the ground. Under your command will be an A6M Zero, a B5N Kate, and a D3A Val - each with a specific target in mind. Unlike Midway, Pacific doesn't follow any characters in particular, and are narrated by no-name Japanese officers in English.

Primary Objectives

Deadly Accuracy
Instead of bombing the USS Nevada, start bombing the other ships in the harbour. Aim for the magazine and watch for sparks to indicate its destruction. It is possible to destroy the magazine multiple times, but the ship must be given time to repair it. Destroy 20 magazines to gain the Deadly Accuracy achievement.
  • Destroy all grounded P-40s.
  • Bomb the USS Nevada twice.
  • Torpedo the USS West Virginia twice.
  • Secure air superiority (down five P-40s).

Secondary Objectives

  • Stop the USS Monaghan from ramming the Japanese submarines.

Hidden Objectives

  • Destroy the USS Neosho when it is adjacent to the USS California.
"His name was Henry. This is not his story."

The first step in the Pearl Harbour attack is to eliminate all the grounded P-40s. They are under the gold objective brackets, so they should be easy enough to find. Take your time and eliminate the grounded planes - they're just decoration, and ultimately aren't going to harass you later on.

Nail both Neosho and California!

You'll want to take note of two ships - the Monaghan and the Neosho, both of which will move. It may be necessary to move quickly to eliminate both ships. The first objective, though, remains straightforward. Use the turbo to get in close, and then your airbrakes to give yourself sufficient time to eliminate all the parked planes.

Nearby the USS Medusa, you should be able to find the only named PT boat in the region: PT-23. This is the same boat the player commands in the previous game. Strafing him down, along with the Donald P-40 later, will get you the Past Memories achievement.

When all the P-40s are down, the mission proceeds to the next phase.

The next phase puts you behind the stick of a D3A Val. Your mission now is to bomb the Nevada, but first, the tanker Neosho should be approaching the California. Although Neosho is slow, it can move far away if you don't strike it at the right time, preventing you from getting the gold medal. Once it's adjacent to the California, strafe it in the fuel tank (or the magazine) and finish it with a bomb to set both California and Neosho alight. Be aware that you can't do this in a Kate or a Zero (Neosho is oddly resistant to machine guns), so you must do it as a Val.

Torpedo the Monaghan and save your minisub friend.

When you're ready to proceed, begin bombing the Nevada. Strike it with two bombs - preferably in the magazine or in the fuel tank - to move on.

"Fighter ace, huh? At least you died in the air."

It's important to not destroy the Monaghan before the third phase. Leave it intact so you are able to obtain the secondary objective.

The third phase of the mission is similar to the second - to strike the West Virginia twice with torpedoes. To slightly complicate matters, the Americans will detect Japanese midget submarines in the harbour. Apparently lacking depth charges, the USS Monaghan announces they intend to ram one of them. You've got a torpedo - best to not let this happen.

A single torpedo will send Monaghan to the bottom, saving your minisub friend from becoming roadkill. If you've done this and destroyed Neosho at the right time, you'll be guaranteed your gold medal.

The fourth and final stage again puts you in your Zero to take down a bunch of P-40s attempting to take off. Try to eliminate them quickly and catch them on the ground.

Hidden Dialogue
For some extra dialogue, hit the USS Utah with two torpedoes, destroy the USS Oklahoma, and sink the USS Arizona with dive bombers.
Past Memories
10 Gamerscore points
Past Memories
Sink Henry Walker and shoot down Donald Locklear in Pearl Harbour.

Around this time you'll encounter Donald Locklear in his P-40. After approximately 12 seconds of straight flying, Donald will appear behind you at an extremely high altitude. Although his plane is completely identical to all the other P-40s you'll encounter, you'll be able to easily find him on the radar. All the other P-40s will appear as light blue dots on your radar - Donald is the only one who appears as a dark blue dot. He is a non-objective target, so eliminating him will not count to destroying the 5 enemy aircraft. You must work quickly to bring him down, or else another plane will - and you won't get the achievement.

If you shoot Donald down and destroy PT-23, you'll receive the Past Memories achievement for knocking out both Battlestations: Midway heroes.

Once you eliminate five Warhawks, you'll overhear the Hawaiian governor announcing a state of defence for Hawaii, and then your mission will be complete.