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The final mission of the American campaign takes place in Okinawa. All that is required is the capture of three bases.

Unit Unlock
Obtain the gold medal in this mission to unlock the versatile TBM Avenger.

Primary Objectives

  • Capture all three bases.

Secondary Objectives

  • The USS Andromeda must survive.

Hidden Objectives

  • Sink the Yamato before she runs aground.
The American fleet attacks the northern Okinawan base.

The mission starts with a massive force at your disposal. Of particular note are your LSMs, your transports, your battleships (one of which will be an Iowa-class if you chose that upgrade) and your carrier. Spearheading the attack will be your battleships escorted by a flight of Hellcats from your carrier.

The first step is to combine both fleets. This takes some time, but the combined firepower of two battleships is more than enough to sink anything the enemy sends at you. Your flight should consist of four Hellcats - the enemy sends massive wings of dive bombers, torpedo bombers, and carpet bombers at you, and these Hellcats are more than enough to blunt these attacks. Also of note are squads of Shinyos and Gyoraiteis deployed from the two southern bases; however Okinawa has only one airstrip - the northern base. This is the base that should be eliminated first.

LSMs sling rockets into the enemy base.

Once your fleet is in a single large pack, split them into three groups - the first in the battle should be your battle fleet, consisting of all frontline ships - cruisers, destroyers, and both your battleships. The second should be your carrier, as you need to keep it close to the fight so it can send its planes in quickly, but it shouldn't be too close lest it become a target. Your transports and LSMs should take up the rear.

As your combined fleet approaches the northernmost base, have your LSMs sling rockets into the enemy command base. Bring your battleships into range but don't let the rest of the fleet move in - you'll need turning space so you can have your fleet begin to turn 180 degrees and face the way you came. The reason for this will become apparent in a few minutes.

Even though you neutralized the enemy airbase, expect intermittent Ohka Carrier attacks. Keep your CAP up.

With this base neutralized have your LSMs head south toward the second base. Have a few Hellcats fly top cover, and have your troop transports capture the airfield. Meanwhile have your non-combat ships move south with your LSMs leading the way. The LSMs should use their rockets on the second base to neutralize it. It may take a while but you need your battle fleet to the north. If necessary divert a heavy cruiser to support the southern fleet, but don't send battleships.

Protect the Andromeda by sinking the Uranami.

Around when you neutralize the second base you'll receive a notice that the USS Andromeda has entered the battle area. It appears near the southwestern corner and is under attack from Zeros. Even though its captain announces it is under attack from kamikazes, it really is being pestered by several fighters. While the USS Waters is in the area, its AA firepower alone is insufficient to keep this fragile transport afloat - divert at least one squadron of Hellcats to aid the Andromeda; send more if your dogfighting skills are inadequate. You may also want to requisition a second destroyer to protect the Andromeda, since the destroyer Uranami closes in close to the border to make a last-ditch effort to sink her. Protect the USS Andromeda until it exits the battle area, accomplishing the secondary objective.

The Yamato takes several torpedo hits from destroyers.

While your fleet keeps carrying out their given tasks, you'll eventually receive word the Yamato has been engaged by bombers on the open sea. Eventually the Yamato shows up near the northwestern corner of the map with the intention to beach itself and become a fortress. This is what you kept your entire battle fleet in this area for - have anything and everything in this fleet hit Yamato. While your battleships shell the Yamato, have your destroyers close the range and torpedo the massive battleship. The Yamato may be able to win against solitary enemies well but cannot handle large crowds of ships, so overwhelm the battleship's artillery with targets and sink it before it reaches the shore. Have your carrier launch TBF Avengers or SB2Cs to aid the attack, but the brunt of the force should be taken by your surface fleet. Sink the Yamato to complete the hidden objective.

With the Yamato sunk, the northern coastline under your control and the centre base neutralized, have your entire fleet hit the southern base. Your carrier and transports should be in a safe area from Yamato and should have survived the attack, so simply sail everything you have to the southern base. Neutralize it then have your transports take the southern base to complete the American campaign.