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Controls can be modified and viewed at any time including during a multiplayer game.

Menu options[edit | edit source]

Applies when viewing one of the game's many menus.

Xbox 360 PC Action
Up lstick and Down lstick  ↑   ↓  or  W   S  Highlight Option
Left lstick and Right lstick or  A   D  Alter options / Move sliders
A button  Enter  or Mouse left click Confirm selection / Next screen
B button  Esc  or  Backspace  Cancel / Previous Menu

Navy controls[edit | edit source]

Applies when in command of a warship or submarine

Xbox 360 PC Action
Left lstick and Right lstick  A  and  D  Rudder Left / Right
Up lstick and Down lstick  W  and  S  Speed Up / Down
Neutral rstick Mouse Rotate Camera
RT button Mouse left click Fire Weapon
LT button Hold Left  Shift  Switch Weapons
Neutral lstick  Alt  Repair Screen (Note: Applies to all vessels except PT boats)
Neutral rstick Mouse middle click Binoculars / Periscope
N/A Mouse wheel up and Mouse wheel down Zoom binoculars / periscope
N/A  1  Switch to anti-aircraft weapons
N/A  2  Switch to artillery (main cannons) (Note: Not all ships carry artillery)
N/A  3  Switch to torpedoes (Note: Not all ships carry torpedoes)
N/A  4  Switch to depth charges (Note: Not all ships carry depth charges)
LB button  Z  Support Manager (for spawning ships, planes, and respawning your unit in multiplayer)
Up dpad  F  Surface (Note: Applies only to submarines)
Down dpad  R  Dive (Note: Applies only to submarines)
RT button  Ctrl  Launch carried units (i.e. landing ships via transports, or seaplanes from ships and subs)

Aircraft controls[edit | edit source]

Applies only when in command of an aircraft

Note: It is highly recommended that PC players obtain a joystick for flying

Xbox 360 PC Action
Up lstick and Down lstick  ↑  and  ↓  or Mouse Pitch Up / Down
Left lstick and Right lstick and or Mouse Roll Left / Right
Left rstick and Right rstick  A  and  D  Yaw Left / Right
Up rstick and Down rstick  W  and  S  Throttle Up / Down
RT button Mouse left click Machine Guns
LT button  Left Shift  Bombing Mode
LT button + RT button  Left Shift  + Mouse left click Release payload
RB button  Ctrl  Mouselook
Neutral rstick  Alt  Turbo