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Controls can be modified and viewed at any time including during a multiplayer game.

Menu options

Applies when viewing one of the game's many menus.

Xbox 360 PC Action
Up lstick and Down lstick  ↑   ↓  or W S Highlight Option
Left lstick and Right lstick or A D Alter options / Move sliders
A button Enter or PC Mouse Left Click.png Confirm selection / Next screen
B button Esc or Backspace Cancel / Previous Menu

Navy controls

Applies when in command of a warship or submarine

Xbox 360 PC Action
Left lstick and Right lstick A and D Rudder Left / Right
Up lstick and Down lstick W and S Speed Up / Down
Neutral rstick PC Mouse.png Rotate Camera
RT button PC Mouse Left Click.png Fire Weapon
LT button Hold Left Shift Switch Weapons
Neutral lstick Alt Repair Screen (Note: Applies to all vessels except PT boats)
Neutral rstick PC Mouse Middle Click.png Binoculars / Periscope
N/A PC Mouse Wheel Up.png and PC Mouse Wheel Down.png Zoom binoculars / periscope
N/A 1 Switch to anti-aircraft weapons
N/A 2 Switch to artillery (main cannons) (Note: Not all ships carry artillery)
N/A 3 Switch to torpedoes (Note: Not all ships carry torpedoes)
N/A 4 Switch to depth charges (Note: Not all ships carry depth charges)
LB button Z Support Manager (for spawning ships, planes, and respawning your unit in multiplayer)
Up dpad F Surface (Note: Applies only to submarines)
Down dpad R Dive (Note: Applies only to submarines)
RT button Ctrl Launch carried units (i.e. landing ships via transports, or seaplanes from ships and subs)

Aircraft controls

Applies only when in command of an aircraft

Note: It is highly recommended that PC players obtain a joystick for flying

Xbox 360 PC Action
Up lstick and Down lstick  ↑  and  ↓  or PC Mouse.png Pitch Up / Down
Left lstick and Right lstick and or PC Mouse.png Roll Left / Right
Left rstick and Right rstick A and D Yaw Left / Right
Up rstick and Down rstick W and S Throttle Up / Down
RT button PC Mouse Left Click.png Machine Guns
LT button Left Shift Bombing Mode
LT button + RT button Left Shift + PC Mouse Left Click.png Release payload
RB button Ctrl Mouselook
Neutral rstick Alt Turbo