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The naval supplies manager.

Naval Supplies are advantages a team can use to temporarily or permanently boost the effectiveness of their ships, aircraft, submarines, or bases. They are roughly equivalent to Support Powers or General Powers from the Command and Conquer games.

Naval Supplies can be activated by pressing the Naval Supply key to open the Naval Supply Manager. This manager is very similar to the Support Manager used to create units. It is best to use this in conjunction with the tactical map, as this can allow you to choose targets for naval supplies much quicker.

Supplies are obtained through one of two methods: in campaigns, naval supplies are achieved by accomplishing secondary and hidden objectives. It is rarely necessary to use them, although they can prove extremely useful in some cases - especially when you're looking for enemy units in a large map. In multiplayer supplies originate from neutral bases that can be captured. Most naval supplies are one-shot deals, but some provide persistent bonuses.

In multiplayer games it is possible to apply Naval Supplies to units that are not under your direct command (units created by other players in island capture). When not actively in battle, try to make use of what naval supplies you have to help your allies.

Naval Supplies come in three flavours, and they are listed below.

Air Support

A couple B-17s can wake up the home defenders of a base. Similar attacks can be applied to any target, anywhere - of course, try not to use depth charges against ships.

Also known as "reinforcement powers", air support powers summon a squadron of attack aircraft to strike a target with specified weapons. These units are not controllable by the player, and can sometimes be shot down. However, their greatest asset is their ability to strike from a border, allowing them to strike at odd angles that are beyond the reach of standard air defences.

Summoned units will fly offscreen after their attack is complete.

  • Depth Charge Run: A squadron of dive bombers charge into battle from the map's borders and launch depth charges at the designated target. Strangely enough, it is totally unknown if this power even exists; it has not at all been observed in either campaigns or multiplayer, yet it appears in the Naval Supplies index in-game, so it is listed here. According to the index, the Americans use SBD Dauntlesses while the Japanese employ Judies. This is odd because the SBD Dauntless cannot equip depth charges in the first place; that role has been taken over entirely by the SB2C Helldiver.
  • Dive Bombing Run: A squadron of dive bombers equipped with bombs will spawn from offscreen and dive bomb the designated target. Far more useful than the depth charge run, the dive bombing run can be used in a pinch to deliver the knockout blow to an enemy facility or warship. It can also be used to bolster your own dive bombing strikes, forcing your opponents to separate their firepower. There are four aircraft which can be called in for a dive bombing run: the Americans will use either Helldivers or Dauntlesses, while the Japanese will summon D4Y Judies or D3A Vals. Naturally, the former for both cases is the superior power, but practically they are roughly equivalent, and as such are grouped together.
  • Unique to the Americans, the F4U Rocket strike summons a squad of rocket-equipped Corsairs to hit an enemy with their rockets. It is more favourable to use rockets rather than bombs against heavily defended targets, as rockets can be fired from a longer range than bombs. However, the extra damage a bomb causes may be the difference between an operational and a disabled enemy warship or facility.
  • The Japanese exclusive naval supply Kamikaze Strike calls a squad of kamikaze Zeros to ram a target of your choosing. Rather devastating if it can be used, but Zeros are rather defenceless in their rear quarter and as such can be easily disabled by CAP. It is best to use this power in conjunction with an attacking group - either the kamikazes or the attacking group acting as a diversion for the other.
  • Carpet Bombing Run: Calls in a squad of carpet bombers to strike a target with bombs. Unfortunately because you don't control the bombers yourself, you can count on most of the bombs missing your target. As a result, this power is generally not that favourable, even against buildings. The Americans will use B-17s, while the Japanese will receive help from G4M Betties.
  • Torpedo Runs: Just like the dive bombing runs, except used by torpedo planes instead. While not as versatile as the dive bombing run (since it can't strike land units), the torpedo run is more effective against heavier ships, especially battleships. The Americans will use B-25 Mitchells, while the Japanese will employ a G3M Nell squadron. A variant of this ability will summon a squad of Kates or Avengers instead, depending on your allegiance.

Active Powers

Toughen up your ship's defences with some additional armour.

Active powers act as temporary boosts to your units' effectiveness.

  • Evasive Manoeuvre: Applied to aircraft, this sharply increases an aircraft's turning ability. Useful in a dogfight. Effective when used on otherwise vulnerable bombers. Does not actually cause the aircraft to bank or jink on its own, regardless of the description.
  • Full Throttle: Applied to planes, this sharply decreases the cool-down time of your aircraft's turbo systems, allowing a squadron to zip across a map in a hurry.
  • Improved Ship Movement: A ship with this naval supply will find it can manoeuvre much better while at full speed.
  • Hardened Armour: As its name suggests, this power will sharply increase a ship's defence. Best used when fighting a losing battle.
  • Improved Repair Team: This power accelerates any form of repair on the ship it is applied to.
  • Fierce Assault: The capture value of all ships is boosted, allowing you to quickly capture bases.
  • Fearless Defence: The opposite of the above power, it considerably increases all base's resistance to capture.
  • Recon Sweep: Reveals all enemy units, for a very short time.
  • Improved Shells: The damage done by shipborne artillery is increased.
  • Targeting Computers: Greatly improves the accuracy of shipborne artillery. Devastating when used in conjunction with the Autoloader.
  • Automatic Reloader: Greatly reduces the loading time of anything (cannons or torpedoes). Note that this is difficult to fully employ as sustained fire is wildly inaccurate. Combine with Targeting Computers for devastating effects.


These naval supplies appear on the left rung of the naval supplies manager, and are in constant effect so long as the base that provides them is under your control.

  • Advanced Repair Tools: All your ships will repair quicker with this naval supply.
  • Advanced Recon Devices: Your units' detection ranges will be greatly improved.
  • Veteran Crewmen: Veteran crewmen will increase the mobility of all warships.
  • Advanced Planes: Aircraft will become faster and be more resistant to damage.
  • Advanced Weapons: All weapons will be kept in ideal condition, increasing their effectiveness.
  • Face-Hardened Armour: Boosts the armour of all warships.
  • Veteran Pilots: Aircraft will become more manoeuvrable.
  • Veteran Troops: Captures will be much quicker with veteran troops leading the way.
  • Advanced Torpedoes: Torpedo upgrades result in a faster and more precise weapon.