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Publisher(s)Tradewest, Nintendo, NCS
Year released1991
System(s)Game Boy
Preceded byBattletoads
Followed byBattletoads in Battlemaniacs
ModesSingle player
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Battletoads is a 1991 action game originally released by Rare in 1991 exclusively for the Game Boy handheld game console from Nintendo. Despite having the same title as the original Battletoads game, Battletoads for Game Boy is a completely different game with unique levels. It was never ported to any other systems. The game was released in North America in November 1991, published by Tradewest, and in Europe in1992, published by Nintendo. Both of these releases feature the same cover art as the NES release of Battletoads. The game was released in Japan on January 7, 1994, published by NCS long after its western releases. The Japanese version portrays the same cover art as that of the Japanese version of Battletoads in Battlemaniacs, which was released in Japan the same day.

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