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  • Joysticks: Use the two vertical two-way joysticks to make your tank move forward (push both up), move backward (both down), turn left (left up and right down), and turn right (right up and left down); you must also press the button on the right joystick, in order to make it fire bullets at the enemies.
  • Start Button: Press this button to start the game; unusually, this game does not have a two-player mode (many later FPS's do not have one either).


There are three types of enemies in this game; Slow Tanks, which are the primary target at the start of the game, are worth 1000 points, while Missiles (which shall appear once you have reached 10000 points by default, and attack by dropping out of the sky and rolling towards your tank while humming) are worth 2000 points and Super Tanks (which will appear once you have reached 30000 points) move faster than the Slow Tanks that they supersede. Flying Saucers will also occasionally appear (they announce their appearance with a "hovering" sound) but they do not fire at the player's tank or show up on the radar (so they cannot be classed as an enemy) - and they are worth 5000 points (however, if an enemy tank kills one, the 5000 points will not be registered). The player's tank will lose one life (indicated by the screen "cracking") whenever it gets hit by a bullet fired at it by an enemy tank or by a missile; however, it shall receive two extra lives at 15,000 points and 100,000 points by default. The game ends when the player's tank loses its last life.