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Heatblast is the best jumper in the game Ben 10: Protector of Earth because when you hold X after double jumping he will glide on a small disk-ish thing of fire.

Some Special Moves[edit]

Flamethrower 1: Push Circle button and Heatblast will shoot a large flame from his hands.

Moon Flame 1: Push Circle button and Triangle button and Heatblast fires 5 crescent-shaped flames.

Moon Flame 2: Push Triangle button in the air and Heatblast fires 1 crescent-shaped flame from the air.

Dragon Breath: Push Circle button and Square button and Heatblast fires a flame from his mouth.

Special Moves II[edit]

Heatblast can attract fire (if you stand by a fire the fire will disappear) but sometimes it will hurt you. Heatblast can also blast the Pressure-Sensitive Button-Switch. by standing on the button and using Flamethrower 1 at the switch.


The following bosses use Heatblast:

  • The Big One
  • Robot Drone Leader
  • Vilgax