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  • Z and X: By default, the player must use these two keys to make Benny run left and right; he cannot run as fast as he was seen to on television.
  • Q and A: By default, the player must use these two keys to make Benny move up to the middle and top "layers" in turn, and return to the middle and bottom "layers" in turn again; it's also possible to use a Kempston, Cursor, Sinclair, or DK'Tronics joystick instead of the keyboard (if connected).

Alfred Hawthorne "Benny" Hill[edit]

BHMC Benny Hill.png

The then-61-year-old protagonist of the game, who died in 1992; due to technical limitations, he (and all the other characters) have yellow skin (which makes them look like precursors to Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation's The Simpsons!). As mentioned on the main page, he has volunteered to help his neighbours, and you first have to help him bring in the washing for Mrs. Harras (who has gone out shopping) - and as you guide him to the right towards the washing line, you will have to direct him around the various obstacles which block his path, some of which might occasionally change position. If any members of the public (or police officers) see Benny taking an item, or running back to the left with it, they will chase after him; if they catch him, they will jump up and down on him, and the item he was carrying shall get returned to its original position. Benny receives 20 points for every item he puts into the basket at the starting point, but shall lose points every time he bumps into an obstacle or gets caught - and once he has put all the items into the basket, he gains an extra point for every second he has remaining. Benny's second task is to pick apples for Mr. Bramley (who has gone on holiday), and his third one is to pick up items of jumble bought by Mrs. Bargin (but for both tasks, he must continue to avoid obstacles, members of the public and police officers); the text "WATCH OUT!" will flash up at the bottom of the screen with an arrow pointing either left or right if a member of the public or a police officer is coming towards Benny (depending on what direction the "chaser" is coming towards Benny from).