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BHMC Level 1.png
Time: 100 (1 second in game time is 5 seconds in real time)

Welcome to the game. Once Benny has appeared on the screen, you will have to start running to the right, until you come to a lamppost; once you have done it you will have to move up to the middle "layer", continue running to the right around the lamppost and then move back down to the bottom "layer" again. You will now have to repeat this process twice more for two more lampposts, until you come to the washing line - and once you have done it, you shall have to move up to the middle "layer" and collect the first item of washing (the text "CLOTHES" will begin flashing at the bottom of the screen once you have done so), and retrace your steps back to the start. However, on the return journey, the magenta-haired woman who had been standing behind the wall will chase after Benny; if she catches him, she will jump up and down on him, and the item he was carrying will be returned. The five lampposts on this level can also move from one "layer" to another so you'll have to be prepared to go around them if they have moved to the one you are currently on the next time you see them - and once Benny has returned the first item of washing to the basket at the start, he will receive 20 points (but from that point on, the magenta-haired woman will continue to chase him regardless of whether he is carrying an item of washing or not). If Benny bumps into an obstacle from this point onwards, he will lose two points, but if he is caught by the magenta-haired woman, he will lose five (the telephone box can also move from one "layer" to another from this point); once Benny has returned all six items of washing to the basket he will gain one bonus point for every second of game time he has remaining, and the text "ALL LAUNDRY IN THE BASKET. NOW FOR THE APPLES." shall appear on the screen with the text "ANY KEY TO CONTINUE" below it. If your total score is the highest for your current session, the text "YOUR HI-SCORE" shall also appear to the right of it - and once you have pushed any key, Benny will proceed to the second level, which sees him having to collect apples while avoiding farmers.