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Benny Hill's Madcap Chase title screen.png

You shall first have to connect your cassette recorder and Sinclair ZX Spectrum to your television set and switch all three of them on; you will then have to put the cassette for DK'Tronics's 1985 adventure game Benny Hill's Madcap Chase into the cassette recorder, type LOAD "" (without leaving a space between the quotation marks) and press Enter to load the program into the console. You will now have to press either 1 to select keyboard control, 2 to select joystick control (on doing so, 1 selects Kempston joystick, 2 Cursor joystick, 3 Sinclair joystick, and 4 DK'Tronics joystick), 3 to redefine the keys in the order RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, UP, and RESTART, and 4 to start the game - and the default key for restarting the game is R (it is also possible to do it by using the button on the joystick if one is connected), but you should only do it if you have absolutely no chance of winning.