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Once the background has reappeared behind Beraboh Man and his energy bar at the bottom of the screen has left behind, start running to the right; you will immediately be drawn into a boss fight with an eighth Raigan, and a third pair of Kaname. You will first have to jump up and kick both of the Kaname between one and three times to knock them off the screen, as the Raigan speaks that Katakana/Hiragana text Dosu koi! Gottsu andesu. (ドスコイ! ごっつあんです.) to you, then finish them off by punching them that remaining number of times when they come back on - and if Fukubiki Man appears to leave a powerup behind for you once you have collected the Fuku they have left behind, you should jump up and collect it regardless of what it is, for the extra energy, power or points. You'll now have to jump over the Raigan as he is pushing his way towards you and punch him in the back six times to send him reeling and kill him; once you have collected the Fuku he has left behind, the "stage clear" theme will be heard from the Yamaha YM-2151 for the twenty-ninth time and Beraboh Man will proceed to the thirtieth stage, which doesn't take place in the snow and is the fifth of the "immediate boss fight" variety.