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Once the background has reappeared behind Beraboh Man and his energy bar at the bottom of the screen has refilled, start running to the right; you will immediately be drawn into a third consecutive boss fight with a ninth Raigan and Zortan, the latter of whom will speak the Hiragana/Katakana text Waga na ha Zorutan kimi ni, shiwo, ataeyō. (わがなはゾルタンきみに、しを、あたえよう.) before the former speaks the Katakana/Hiragana text Dosu koi! Gottsu andesu. (ドスコイ! ごっつあんです.) You will first have to jump up and kick Zortan in the head as he starts flying towards you, then jump up and kick him in the head between one and three more times as he flies over to that right side of the screen and speaks the Hiragana text Īkagen ni, shi nasai yo! (いいかげんに、しなさいよ!) - and he will now start hovering in place while firing knives at you (instead of projectiles) from behind his "impenetrable" shield. Once you have jumped up and kicked him in the head the remaining number of times, he will speak the Hiragana text Kore de, katta to omō na yo! (これで、かったとおもうなよ!) before flying away off the right side of the screen for the final time; if Fukubiki Man appears to leave a powerup behind for you once you have collected that Fuku he has left behind, you should jump up and collect it regardless of what it is, for the extra energy, power, or points. You will then have to jump over that final Raigan as he is pushing his way towards you and punch him in the back six times to send him reeling and kill him - and once you have collected the Fuku he has left behind, the "stage clear" theme will be heard from the Yamaha YM-2151 for a thirty-first (and possibly final) time, and Beraboh Man will proceed to the thirty-second stage, which is the Secret Laboratory of Dr. Bakuda himself! Are you tough enough to go all the way?