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Jump kit[edit]

Flight stabalizer
Experienced player may have 20 pearls, but you can't break the game by purchasing a flight stabilizer too early.

You will need to obtain the jump kit from Mammago Garage. It costs 15 pearls. If you don't have enough pearls, try revisiting the factory and Black Isle to collect any items you missed. You can also enter two Looters Caverns to obtain two more pearls, and can also purchase a pearl detector at Ming-Tzu.

The protective barriers can be jumped by moving towards them at full speed, and jumping when they are very close.

The Races[edit]

While you can complete the races earlier, you must complete at least two by this stage. The races can only be completed in order; to advance to the next race, you need to rank within the top three players.

In general, you will want to constantly use turbo to go through the laps. There are also boost platfloms that will give you an extra speed boost as necessary.

Race 1[edit]

The first race is easy; as long as you keep turbo active and follow the track, you can keep turbo active.

There is a small gap before the 180-degree turn, which is the tracks only shortcut.

Race 2[edit]

The race is longer, and the other racers are slightly faster.

Race 3[edit]

Before you can participate in the third race, you need to purchase the jump kit to reach the slaughter house.

The entrance to the slaughter houses is to the left of the second boost platform.

Race 4[edit]

The racers are quite challenging, although you are not required to participate in the race.

There are two branches in the race. The first gives the option of riding in the water or along the dry platform on the outside of the track. This outside platform is longer and provides only limited benefit.

The second branch is in a rocky tunnel, with a small shortcut appearing on the left. The longer path has a laser fence visible.

Slaughterhouse Entrance[edit]

Once you enter the secret passage in Race 3, you will need to speed down the broken road. You will have to dodge attacks from a robot that is defending the area.

At one point, the road collapses into the water. However, you can still go up the other side of the fallen road to continue to the slaughterhouse.

You will eventually reach a small area. Reach the end to dive into the outer moat.

To continue into the slaughterhouse, fly under the security drone to cause it to drop a torpedo. Fly into the side tunnel containing the mine to have the torpedo strike it. Repeat this two more times to clear out the other mines. Head to the dock and climb up. The DomZ creatures will attack once again, but they are not much of a threat.

When the enemies are dispatched, walk between the gap of the two doors and push them open. Return to the hovercraft to jump up and into the slaughterhouse.

The first corridor within the slaughterhouse has a few laser drones. Avoid the beams either by waiting or hiding behind boxes. You should then reach a room containing fans. Head to the end of the water floor, and up the ramp. Cross the upper floor to the other watery area, and onto to water platform. The next exit is the door at the end.

In the next room, you need to detonate two mines by ramming metal boxes into them. You can also return to the races in the same room, by the isolated doorway; this allows you to take a shortcut to and from the slaughterhouses in the future.

You will now enter the main area of the slaugherhouse. Park on the dock, and fire a gyrodisk at the switch in the control room above. Enter the hoverboat and go under the grate; it will close behind you, and you can only reopen the grate once you complete the section.


The first area in the slaughter house is just before the first gate. To continue, dock in front of the gate, and climb up. Destroy the flying opponent. Raise the gate by shooting the switch next to the gear, and quickly running to the hoverboat. Enter, and redock it on the other side of the gate.

From here, there are a total of three spcific photographs you need to take. The photograph on the eastern edge can be started from this section.

North Wing[edit]

Starting from the gate dock, climb the piping to the left of the area, and climb onto the gate. Have Double H press the button, and jump across to the upper pipe. Climb through the hole and jump down, and knock the drone into the electric barrier.

Head down the side passage and to get Double H. Return to open the steel door and defeat the soldier. Press the button to call the tram, and use it to reach the central area.

After the tram is a battle with three droids. You will need to knock all three into the lighting barriers; the most important one is covering the door, followed by the barriers to the side (to get a pearl and reach the save point.) Collect the triangular key dropped by the droid, and give the key to Double H.

Behind the door is filled with a set of lasers. Order Double H to disarm the lasers, and while they are down, run past them.

You should reach the central hall with two soldiers looking out the window. Take a photograph of the central area, which shows a person being electrified.

Return to the hoverboat once you are done.

East wing[edit]

From the dock, turn left and head down the waterway. You should enter a large loop where which is blocked by large mines. Shoot a box into one of them, or try guiding a torpedo into it.

Take out the mines and proceed to the dock in the middle.

When you enter the room, you will need to climb the ladder to the left and enter the vent.

In the first room, an alpha section soldier will guard a switch. Shoot the switch to open the door and proceed through the door; if necessary, take him out as well.

The first forced-stealth area.

The next section, contains three guards from the alpha section, which follow a simple pattern. The intended method is to drop down when the guard on the left is not looking, sneak around the tubes on the right side, and exit behind the final soldier. Failing to sneak will cause the flying drone to attack. If you want, you can snipe or manually alert the guards as long as you remain outside the view of the flying drone.

Past the door, take a right and push the crate onto the lift. Lower the lift, and kick the transformer to power down the fuse, which you will take. Climb up the crate, and take a right. Put the fuse into the slot to proceed outside.

Grab onto the crate, and release once the crane moves the crate. Go under the upper area, and open the storage contain to get a PA-1. Return to the other side and disable the laser barrier.

After a short walk down a corridor, you will find a transformer. Kick it to power down the lightning barrier and jump down; you will meet up with Double H at this point. Head down the mined corridor (disarming mines with your gyrodisk).

After this corridor is a battle with animals that come out the side. Duck under them as they jump, and hit them once they land. Once they are eliminated, climb up and have Double H disable the lightning barrier; Double H will tell you are approaching the central hall.

Sneak past the three soldiers by going around the left side. You should reach the outside area, where guards try catching any intruders that approach. You can take them out with the gyrodisk when they look away, before you disable th laser barrier.

After the second barrier, you should reach the section where you can take the photograph of the DomZ sarcophagi. Collect the fuse, place it next to the hand switch, and crawl through the hand switch opening. Return to the east wing with the square key.

North Wing[edit]

The southern section is accessed by a dirt ramp on the southern side of the wall. Ride up the ramp, and dock at the entrance.

When you enter the north wing, head to the left, and shoot the switch beside the soldier. Climb onto the platform, and jump over and under the electric arcs.

Bedind this is a forced stealth area. Remain crouched in the fog cross only when the soldiers are looking away; there is no need to worry about sneaking past soldiers behind you, they only look towards the front.

In the third room, kick the transformer, and race down the corridor with blue laser beams before the power comes back on. Collect the fuse, have it power the lift and head up.

Defeat the two drones and knock them into the two energy barriers. Head into the corner cross the mined bridge, and sneak past the soldiers in the next room. You will first want to go through the hole in the wall to collect a pearl.

You will now need to use a lift blocked by a lightning barrier. Head into the side room, puch the large crate to the side, then kick the transformer. Head through the hole that was previously covered by the crate, and get the fuse before the power comes back on. Once you have the fuse, ride the lift down.

If you want a PA-1, take out the soldier, and go behind the door he was guarding. Otherwise, proceed through a small hole on the right.

Shoot the switch once the soldier steps on it, then ride it back across. The next room contains three soldiers which need to be slipped past. Once you get past them, put the fuse in the door. You should noe meet Double H; head straight forward to reach the central area.

At the central area, take a photograph of the civilians in the transport crates beom behind the soldiers. Return once you have the photo ready.

Exiting the slaughterhouse[edit]

Return to the entrance of the slaughterhouse. You can take a short cut without going through the dock, by ramming ramp to the left of the gate. Take a photograph of the slaughterhouse entrance code area, and enter the code to unlock the exit.

When you head outside, the DomZ Sea serpent will attack. Collect the pearl and head to the Iris network.

Francis will send you an e-mail stating that he has a new pearl for the game, and Mammago Garage will also send an e-mail informing you of the new flight stabilizer that you asked for previously.