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  • Trackball: Use the trackball to make the golfer take shots; roll it down to hit the ball straight ahead, right to hit it to the left and left to hit it to the right.
  • Club Select Button: Use this button to cycle through the golfer's clubs, in the order of 1W, 2W, 3W, 2I, 3I, 4I, 5I, 6I, 7I, 8I, 9I, SW, PW, and if on the green, PT; the game shall automatically select clubs during play like a caddy, but you can change as many times as you like, until the timer runs out.
  • 1 or 2 Player Buttons: Push these buttons to begin a 1 or 2 player game.


BEG Golfer.png

The protagonist of the game; you must help him conquer each hole of the course by pushing the Club Select Button and rolling the trackball (down to hit the ball straight ahead, right to hit it to the left, and left to hit it to the right). The nine-second timer on the right side of the screen ensures that he cannot hesitate in taking a shot, as when the text of "TIME UP" appears on the screen he will automatically hit the ball - and other texts will also appear at the top of the screen depending on where shots land: "ROUGH", "BUNKER", "OB" (which shall result in a penalty stroke), "WATER" (which will again result in a penalty stroke), and "ON THE GREEN". When (or if) he manages to get the ball into the holes, the text "PAR" will appear at the top of the screen if he scored par, "BIRDIE" if he scored one less than par "EAGLE" if he scored two less than par and "HOLE IN ONE" if he got it into the hole on his first shot; however, if he scored one more than par, the text "BOGEY" shall appear and if he scored two more than par, the text "DOUBLE BOGEY" will appear. If he scored three or more than par (but wasn't forced to give up the hole), the text "CUP IN" will appear - and if he gets twice par, the text "GIVE UP" will appear as he is forced to give up the hole and move on to the next one. A single coin will buy either three or four holes (depending on what the arcade operator has set the "Holes" dipswitch setting to); bonus holes will get added when you score par or less, but the game will always end after the ninth hole. Your scorecard will then appear on the screen and the game will ask you if you want to continue by inserting another coin and pressing the Club Select Button (before a ten-second timer reaches 0) - and if you choose to do so you will proceed to Hole 10. After the eighteenth hole, the game will end again and your scorecard will be displayed on the screen again; if your total was less than +25 the game will go into its "best score" mode, so you should enter your initials upon the table with pride. Once you have done so, the game will go back into attract mode.