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Box artwork for Big Nose Freaks Out.
Big Nose Freaks Out
Year released1992
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
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Big Nose Freaks Out (alternatively spelled as Bignose in the initial credits and on the back of the box) is a platform game for the NES produced by Codemasters and published by Camerica.

Bignose sets off on an adventure through numerous prehistoric settings, defeating enemies using a club. However, he also has access to a primitive skate board device (stone-boarding) that he invented along with the wheel. The game is essentially a platform game in which the player collects bones and other items, while traveling from left to right until reaching the goal. In addition to the single player mode there are two two-player modes (Relay and Challenge).


Bignose, a mild-mannered neanderthal, is on his way to the "Savings + Bones" to deposit his collection of bones. Just before he enters the building, a dinosaur pelts him with a rock, knocking him down. Before he gets up, the dinosaur grabs his bag of bones and runs off. Bignose gets angry and heads off to find the thief.

Table of Contents


Freaky Forest
Crystal Caverns