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PC Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 Action
W A S D Neutral lstick Neutral lstick Move character
PC Mouse.png Neutral rstick Neutral rstick Look
Space Y button Triangle button Jump
C L button L3 button Crouch
PC Mouse Left Click.png RT button R2 button Fire weapon
LT button L2 button Fire Plasmid
PC Mouse Right Click.png N/A N/A Toggle Weapon/Plasmid
PC Mouse Wheel Up.png RB button R1 button Next Weapon
LB button L1 button Next Plasmid
PC Mouse Wheel Down.png N/A N/A Previous Weapon/Plasmid
R X button Square button Reload weapon / refill EVE
F B button Circle button Use first aid kit
Q B Neutral dpad Neutral dpad Change Ammo
E A button Cross button Interact
E X button Square button Hack
T A hold Cross hold Play audio diary