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Bioshock Plasmid Electrobolt.jpg Electro Bolt

The very first Plasmid you obtain, the first one lies out in the open in the slot of a broken Gatherer's Garden shortly after you arrive. After experiencing the cutscene, you will have the ability to project electricity from your fingertips. Very draining but extremely useful. It is generally effective against any non-electrified Splicer and particularly effective against machines and when projected into water (a good tactic against multiple Splicers). Has up to three levels.

Bioshock Plasmid Incinerate.jpg Incinerate!

This power is first found near another broken Gatherer's Garden. Unlike Electro Bolt, you do not project the flame. Rather, the flames simply spring to life in front of you. Generally effective against most Splicers, can also be used to ignite oil trails and melt ice. Has up to three levels.

Bioshock Plasmid Telekinesis.jpg Telekinesis

Allows you to pick up assorted objects and use them either offensively or defensively. Some of the things you can do with Telekinesis include:

  • Collect distant powerups.
  • Disarm tripwires by pulling them towards you.
  • Take rockets or grenades in flight and throw them back where they came from.
  • Use objects like corpses as shields.
  • Throw assorted objects at enemies as projectiles.

Bioshock Plasmid Insect.jpg Insect Swarm

This allows you to emit a cloud of stinging insects that home in and attack your enemies. Has up to two levels.

Bioshock Plasmid Hypnotize.jpg Hypnotize Big Daddy

You hold a green blob. A Big Daddy hit with this blob will become your ally for a limited time. Warning: Very draining on the EVE. Can only be obtained as a reward. Has up to two levels.

Bioshock Plasmid Winter.jpg Winter Blast

Basically the ice version of Incinerate! A shot of this projects sub-zero temperatures that damage enemies with cold and, at an extreme, freeze them. Has up to three levels.

Bioshock Plasmid Security.jpg Security Bullseye

You hold a blue blob. Hit an enemy with it and any security system in its vicinity will identify it as a foe and send the robots after it. Any security system fixated on this target will ignore you, allowing you to pass two obstacles at once.

Bioshock Plasmid Cyclone.jpg Cyclone Trap

You leave a wind-based trap at your feet. Any Splicer that stumbles into the trap gets launched into the air and takes a damaging fall. Has up to two levels.

Bioshock Plasmid Dummy.jpg Target dummy

Creates a decoy that can attract enemies and their attacks.

Bioshock Plasmid Enrage.jpg Enrage

You hold a red blob. Hit a Splicer with this and he'll turn on any and all characters he sees, attacking indiscriminately. Obviously, this is best used among groups of enemies.

Bioshock Plasmid Boom.jpg Sonic Boom

Allows you to project powerful wind forces from your hand. Objects and Splicers hit with this will be sent reeling with damaging force. Has up to two levels. NOTE: Only obtainable with the 1.1 patch or through downloadable content.

Combat Tonics[edit]

  1. Armored Shell - Can be purchased at the very first Gatherer's Garden machine.
  2. Armored Shell 2 - Awarded for saving Little Sisters / Second Tonic Reward
  3. Damage Research - Hephaestus / Across from the EMP bomb on a table
  4. Damage Research 2 - Point Prometheus / Upstairs / Center of Library on desk
  5. Electric Flesh - Fort Frolic / The Projector Room in the Theater / On bookshelf
  6. Electric Flesh 2 - Olympic Heights / Fontaine's apartment / In the office on the desk
  7. Frozen Field - Fort Frolic / Awarded for killing the Cohen victim in the freezer
  8. Frozen Field 2 - Hephaestus - Room off entrance to Ryan's office - on desk
  9. Human Inferno - Arcadia Gatherer's Garden machine / 20 Adam
  10. Human Inferno 2 - Purchase at Gatherer's Garden machine in Point Prometheus
  11. Photographer's Eye - Purchase at Gatherer's Garden machine
  12. Photographer's Eye 2 - Research the Rosie Big Daddy.
  13. Static Discarge - Medicial Pavilion / In the hallway after fighting Steinman.
  14. Static Discharge 2 - Research Leadhead splicers
  15. Wrench Jockey - Medical Pavilion / Seen from a window. In a back room, reached by airshaft.
  16. Wrench Jockey 2 - Research Bouncer Big Daddy
  17. Wrench Lurker - Neptune's Bounty / Sitting on the ledge near the plasmid machine.
  18. Wrench Lurker 2 - Available at the Point Prometheus Gatherer's Garden

Engineering Tonics[edit]

  1. Alarm Expert - Fort Frolic / Theater / Top Left balcony sitting on the ledge
  2. Alarm Expert 2 - Point Prometheus / Optimized Eugenics / on filing cabinet
  3. Clever Inventor - Suchong's Apartment / Beside the tape recorder
  4. Focused Hacker - Neptune's Bounty / In the area right before fighting Peach Wilkins.
  5. Focused Hacker 2 - Apollo Square / In the Slums near Bathysphere / Atlas's Headquarters
  6. Hacking Expert - Arcadia / Sitting on the first desk in Langford Labs
  7. Hacking Expert 2 - Available at the Point Prometheus Gatherer's Garden
  8. Prolific Inventor - Awarded for saving Little Sisters / Last Tonic reward
  9. Safecracker - Awarded for saving Little Sisters / First Tonic reward
  10. Safecracker 2 - Point Prometheus / Little Wonders / In back room with Gene Bank
  11. Security Expert - Medical Pavilion / On a small chest in the morgue.
  12. Security Expert 2 - Research the flying Security Bot
  13. Shorten Alarms - Neptune's bounty / Near "Saw Masha Today" recording or buy it at a Gatherer's Garden machine in Arcadia.
  14. Shorten Alarms 2 - Hephaestus / On the floor right before setting off the EMP.
  15. Speedy Hacker - Medical Pavilion / On the desk in the dentist's lab.
  16. Speedy Hacker 2 -Available at the Point Prometheus Gatherer's Garden

Physical Tonics[edit]

  1. BloodLust - U-Invent machine / Inventable after Arcadia
  2. Booze Hound - U-Invent MAchine / Inventable after Arcadia
  3. Eve Link - Sold at Gatherer's Garden machines
  4. Eve Link 2 - Farmer's Market / On the ground near U-Invent & vending machines.
  5. Eve Saver - Sold at Gatherer's Garden machines
  6. Extra Nutrition - Sold at Gatherer's Garden machines.
  7. Extra Nutrition 2 - Storage Basement of the mall area in Fort Frolic. Covered by metal grate if Cohen dies. Also purchasable.
  8. Extra Nutrition 3 - Research Spider splicers
  9. Hacker's Delight - Medical Pavilion / Eternal Flame / Cremate the body near the camera.
  10. Hacker's Delight 2 - U-Invent machine / Inventable after Arcadia
  11. Hacker's Delight 3 - Point Prometheus / Same room as the Big Daddy Helmet.
  12. Medical Expert - Neptune's Bounty / In the center of the muddy section of the Lower Wharf.
  13. Medical Expert 2 - Fort Frolic / Awarded by an alive Cohen or bought in Hephestus
  14. Medical Expert 3 - Apollo Square / Second floor / Opposite end from 2nd dose of lot 192.
  15. Natural Camoflouge - Research the Houdini Splicers
  16. Scrounger - Research Leadhead splicers
  17. Security Evasion - Arcadia / In the center of a group of splicers, near an Invent machine.
  18. Security Evasion 2 - Hephaestus / Heat Monitoring / Across from electricuted ghost scene, sitting on desk
  19. Sportboost - Research Thuggish splicers
  20. Sportboost 2 - Research Thuggish Splicers