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Neptune's Bounty[edit]

Go through Fontain Fisheries (where Peach Wilkins asked for the 3 spider splicer pictures). As you go down the stairs, you should see the machine right in front of you.


Once you go into the farmers market you'll go in Tree Farm - Right below the big Farmers Market sign above the small set of stairs you'll find the station to the left of the sign.

Fort Frolic[edit]

While on the first floor head towards the southern mall. You will see a vending machine in this area. head towards the store Le Marquios D'epoque. As soon as you enter turn right and go downstairs, take a left and you'll see the station in the hallway.

To get the next one go to Poseidon Plaza. Pass through the ice area, turn right and head to Sinclair Spirits . To open the door in Sinclair Spirits hit the switch behind the bar, next to the cash register. Go to the door behind the water, go downstairs and turn left for the station.


There's a Gatherers Garden next to Heat Loss Monitoring. The station is in front of that Gatherers Garden

Go down to The Workshops. There's a door guarded by two turrets. Work your way to the back of the office and turn left. There's the station.

Olympus Heights[edit]

There is a Power to the People on the opposite side of the staircase from the F. Fontaine elevator.

If you let Sander Cohen live go to his apartment room and kill the two houdini splicers, Cohen will come down to fight you kill him and enter his room. Power to the People located towards your left.

Apollo Square[edit]

Go towards Atlas Home for the Poor, then go towards the forth floor in the building.