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Blue Ribbon Challenges[edit]

Wave Challenge
1 Defeat all enemies with the Shotgun
2 Defeat two enemies with a possessed Patriot
3 Force 3 Firemen to self destruct while airborne from Bucking Bronco or Undertow
4 Damage 5 enemies with Vigor traps
5 Complete the wave in under 0:45
6 Defeat the Handyman while he's electrocuting a skyline
7 Defeat five enemies with Undertow
8 Defeat 2 enemies with a Possessed rocket turret
9 Defeat every enemy with a different weapon or Vigor
10 Complete the wave using only Charge; Return to Sender; and Shotguns
11 Defeat the Patriot with a possessed enemy
12 Defeat all enemies with Vigor traps
13 Defeat 5 enemies with a single Devil's Kiss blast
14 Defeat the Handyman with a Tesla Coil
15 Complete the wave in under 1:30