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Area 2 enemy evolution
Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4


A) Smart Bomb shop
B) Spider Shot upgrade
C) Information
D) Information
E) Inn
F) Scanner Goggles shop
G) Health increase
H) Wrestling contest
I) Pulse Bee shop
J) Information
K) Psycho Barrier shop
  1. As soon as you begin the level, there happens to be a secret right below your feet that is easy to miss. If you strike the right side of the mound you start on, you will expose the hidden entrance to passage a. Be sure to reveal it, and enter the hallway it leads to. Watch out for the blue enemy that flies by as you crawl through the tunnel, and visit door A to find the shop which sells the Smart Bomb weapon for 60 units of energy.
  2. After you purchase the Smart Bomb, crawl back through the hallway, and back through passage a to the start of the area. Head to the right, and drop down to the floor to visit door B. Here you can purchase an upgrade for the Spider Shot. It's well worth the cost of 20 units of energy. If you wish to visit door C and obtain Information about the "Devil's Rain," you must turn back and jump up to the platforms. Otherwise, just continue right to reach the gate.
  3. Pass through the gate and step onto the elevator. If you take the elevator down one level, you will be unable to reach the door in the area beyond the gate, so take the elevator down two levels. When you arrive in the new area, it will be pitch black. You will have a difficult time seeing anything more than the outline of certain enemies so pay close attention.
  4. As you proceed to the left, you will pass below door D. You will reach some steps that allow you to jump up and reach the platforms to your right. Inside the door, an alien will tell you that there are passages by the light. After clearing out the bat that hovers over the right ledges, jump over the torch light, and you will stumble upon passage b.
  5. Passage b may not appear to take you any place different, but you are in fact in a new area. If you start by proceeding to the left, you will pass below door E. Use the steps to reach the upper platforms, and visit the inn behind the door if you need more energy. Then cross the floor to the right and jump up the steps. Once again jump over the torch light, and you will hit passage c.
  6. Pass through the hallway, and you will reach passage d on the other side. This passage deposits you on the upper levels of the area you skipped when taking the elevator down. Carefully proceed to the right, being sure to travel over the extending bridge in order to reach door F. This door leads to a shop where you can purchase the Scanner Goggles for 80 units of energy. These goggles will allow you to see in the dark, and they will be helpful in the area below.
  7. Watch out for the Devil's Rain.
    Now drop down to the floor, and walk to the gate on the right, carefully removing any enemies that you encounter. Hop on the elevator and take it back down to the level below. Now when you enter, you will be able to see your surroundings much better. Proceed to the left below door D, and over the steps. When you reach the area of the map marked with 1, blue drops of liquid will fall from the ceiling. These drops are deadly and can instantly kill you if you get touched by them. You can only see then with the goggles. Carefully pass between each drip as soon as the one in front of you lands on the floor.
  8. After you pass the drips, you will see passage e above some steps. Jump up the steps and jump into the passage. Crawl left through the hallway tunnel to reach passage f. When you arrive, cross the floor to the right, fighting off any green enemies that you encounter. When you reach the end, jump up the steps to the platform above and eneter door G. Behind this door, a friendly alien will extend your health meter by four bars! The proceed along the top platforms back to passage f. You will see another passage exit, but you can't reach it. That passage comes from the boss room.
  9. Return to the previous area through passage e, and it's a very short walk to the left until you reach passage g. This passage leads to a very long hallway. Crawl all the way to the opposite side where you will find passage h. You will land on the right side of a new area. There happens to be another secret here. If you strike the right side of the mound you land on, you will find a syringe. Collect this needle to restore up to four missing bars of health.
  10. Only pass through blue barriers.
    Proceed to the left, and visit door H for another opportunity to challenge a friendly alien to a wrestling match and win 160 units of energy if you defeat him. The rules are identical to the previous area, and it is no more difficult to win. When you're done, jump up and walk along the upper platforms to the left until you reach passage i just before the gate.
  11. By taking passage i, you will arrive in a gray hallway with two blinking barriers. These barriers alternate through four colors; blue, pink, red, and green. The barriers are only safe to pass through when they are blue. Touching the barriers when they are any other color will drain your health almost instantly. Carefully time your passage through the barriers when they are blue to reach door I on the other side. There you will find a man who sells the Pulse Bee for 80 units of energy.
  12. After you purchase the Pulse Bee, you must turn around, and safely pass through the barriers once more to return through passage i. Then pass through the gate on your left. When you arrive, you may notice that one of the aliens appears to "float" in the middle of the pillar. In fact, there is an item hidden in that location. Stand on the small platform to the left of the pillar, and hit the pillar with your knife, and a 1-up doll will appear. Collect it for an extra life.
  13. Reveal hidden passage j.
    Proceed along the bottom to the left if you wish to visit door J, where a man will tell you that there's a secret at the start. You must return to the right and jump up to the upper platforms in order to proceed to the left. After you leap over the gap, you will see two pillars rising out of the ground. Throw a Smart Bomb near the top of the taller pillar on the right, and you will expose a secret entrance to passage j. This passage leads to a hallway with door K on the other side. Behind this door, a woman will sell you the valuable Psycho Barrier, which cuts the damage you take in half, for 40 units of energy. Be sure to buy this.
  14. Returning through passage j will deposit you back in the previous area, but it will dump you out on the right side near the tall pillar where you collected the 1-up doll. Simply proceed all the way to the left to reach the gate at the far end, take the elevator down, and you will arrive in the boss den.


The ultimate evolutionary form of the red aliens you've faced throughout the area is a three headed monster whose body resembles a flying saucer. It will hover above to two high platforms and shoot projectiles diagonally at you. It can never shoot straight down, so you will always be safe from attack when you stand beneath it. As a result, you can take advantage of this and toss a Smart Bomb whenever it passes over head. But this is an extremely slow way to defeat the boss. A much faster method is to stand on the opposite platform from the boss and toss a Pulse Bee at it. Since it is quite large, the Pulse Bee will register multiple hits while flying through it. When the boss rises up and crosses over to your side, drop down to the floor and jump up to the opposite side and continue your attack.

If you get killed during the fight, you will have to use the passage in the room which takes you back to the area where the alien gave you more health. Make your way back to the boss before it regains too much health.