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Soldiers Heavy Soldiers
Bionic Commando enemy soldier.png
The most common enemy throughout the game, these basic soldiers run around and hunt you down. They will shoot at you from above, and drop down to lower levels in an effort to catch you, but they cannot rise back up to higher platforms.
Bionic Commando enemy soldier heavy.png
Heavy soldiers are not to be toyed with. Once they see you, they will start charging at you until one of you is dead. They take several shots to defeat, and they can climb up to higher platforms just as easily as they can jump down. Stun them with your grappling hook before they get too close.
Beehives Mutants
Bionic Commando enemy beehive.png
Connected to several branches of the trees outside the enemy base, the hives stay very quiet unless you hit them with the grappling hook. If you do, a swarm of bees will appear and chase you down. You can't shoot the bees, but you can try to shoo them away with your grappling hook.
Bionic Commando enemy mutant.png
A weird species of creature has taken up residence near the top of the trees outside of the base. They climb up and down the trunks, and then they leap off and glide through the air using flaps of skin beneath their arms. Take them out before they fly into you.
Rocket Soldiers Short Soldiers
Bionic Commando enemy soldier rockets.png
Loaded with a cache of rockets on their back, they quickly scuttle around an area without a great deal of caution. They never stop running, except to drop down to your level. One touch from them causes quite an explosion, so take them out from a safe distance before they reach you.
Bionic Commando enemy soldier short.png
Don't underestimate these diminutive soldiers. Not only do they fire their weapons so low that you can't duck under them, they can leap about with amazing speed and skill, often taking you by surprise. One moment they are far away, and the next moment they are right on top of you.
Gremlins Captain
Bionic Commando enemy gremlin.png
Found in the underground section of the enemy base, the gremlins feel at home among the pipes. They are very agile and are quite fond of leaping around. As you begin your ascent from the underground, they chew through the pipes, and you must dodge the severed portion as it falls to the ground below.
Bionic Commando enemy captain.png
One of the head-honchos in the enemy army, the captains are no push-over. They take several hits to defeat, and are not afraid to fire back. They rarely attack alone, so pay attention to the mayhem that's going on around you while you attempt to knock them down.
Crate Soldiers Flame-thrower Soldiers
Bionic Commando enemy soldier crate.png
As you get close to the entrance of the base high atop a mountain, these large brutes are positioned outside tossing heavy metal crates down at you. The crates continue to bounce along the ledges after they are thrown. Look for a safe place to dodge the crates, and get up top to stop the lugs from interfering with your mission.
Bionic Commando enemy soldier flame.png
The taller soldiers are armed with flame throwing devices. Fortunately, they are so tall that they flames they shoot often go over your head without squatting. However, if they duck down before they fire, you won't be so lucky. Take them out before they have the chance to scorch you.
Mech pilot Helicopter
Bionic Commando enemy mech.png
Some of the Short Soldiers have a height complex, and they use these giant robots to compensate. Despite being so heavy,the robots are quite manuevarable and have the capability to drop down to your level, as well as to boost themselves back up. When the mechs are destroyed, the small pilot hops out and continues his attack on foot.
Bionic Commando enemy helicopter.png
Helicopters are easily the biggest nuisance throughout the game. The pilots are pretty smart and keep the copter elevated above your head where you can't shoot it. Not even your grappling hook can effect it. The only way to destroy it is to wait for them to come down to your level. They sometimes carry another soldier into battle with them.
Commander General
Bionic Commando enemy commander.png
As you get deeper into the enemy headquarters, you will find an officer who ranks higher than the captains. Despite the greater rank, they aren't much more difficult to defeat. Clear away any other threat in the vicinity, and then take out the Commander with a steady stream of bullets.
Bionic Commando enemy general.png
If you make it all the way to the end of the game, you will have the opportunity to take out the General of the enemy force once and for all. Don't expect him to go without a fight, but don't overestimate his ability either. He's not much more difficult to defeat than the captains that guard him.