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Bionic Commando NES map Neutral.png

This is the last neutral zone you are likely to visit. As you approach door A, a man identifying himself as "Destroyer-1" will as you if you have a need for a Machine Gun. You can say Yes or No to him. If you say yes, you will find a Machine Gun inside of door A. If you say no, the room will be empty instead. However, if you take this Machine Gun, it will turn out to be a fake, and you will not have really obtained it.

As you approach door B, there are two men standing on either side of the door. The man on the left identifies himself as "Destroyer-2" while the man on the right identifies himself as "Destroyer-3". Like the first guy, they both offer to give you a Machine Gun. However, in order to obtain the real Machine Gun, you must remember that Super Joe told you to talk with "Destroyer-3". If you say yes to the man on the right, not only will you be able to get the real Machine Gun from behind door B, he will also mention that δ can be found in a nearby town between two mountains. He is referring to the Delta Communicator, which can only be found in Neutral Area 15. If you haven't collected it by now, be sure to go there and get it, as you'll be needing it for the final three areas.

Famicom version difference: the names of corresponding people are:

  1. Schwartsenegger (シュワルツネッガー Shuwarutseneggaa?)
  2. Schwaretsenegger (シュワネッガー Shuwaretseneggaa?)
  3. Schwarzenegger (シュワルツァネッガー Shuwarutsaneggaa?)

They appear in the same order as the NES version. You will still need to ask the third and last man, Schwarzenegger, for the true gun.