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Box artwork for Bishoujo SF Alien Battle.
Box artwork for Bishoujo SF Alien Battle.
Bishoujo SF Alien Battle
Developer(s)Hacker International
Publisher(s)Hacker International
Year released1990
System(s)Family Computer Disk System
Japanese title美少女SFエイリアンバトル
ModesSingle player
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Bishoujo SF Alien Battle is an unlicensed Family Computer Disk System video poker game, made by Hacker International in 1990. The game features two disks, one with the game on it, and one containing the reward picture for beating the game. You play as a young Japanese schoolgirl, who must defeat an alien super-mind in video poker to just be raped by its tentacle-waving henchman, instead of brutally murdered.


Control Action
A button
  • Deal
  • Select a card
B button
  • Deselect a card
Start button
  • Start the game from the start screen
  • Draw cards
  • Reset game from game over screen
Select button
  • Continue from picture screens
Left dpad Right dpad
  • Move selection arrow left and right
Before the game starts, you are kidnapped by an alien.

The game is very simple; you are dealt five cards, and must try to build the best hand according to traditional poker hand rankings. Better hands are worth more points, and you are also rewarded by drawing fewer cards. The goal of the game is to score 5,000 points. The game is over when you lose 1,000 points, at which time the game is reset and you start anew with zero points. As the game progresses, you are raped harder and harder, with scenes depicted at each 1,000 point mark. When you win the game, rather than being released from your torment, you begin to enjoy your humiliating predicament and become an alien sex-slave.


Hand Points Description
Junk -100 Five non-matching cards of different suits.
One pair 10 Two, and only two, matching cards.
Two pair 20 Two sets of two matching cards.
Three of a kind 30 Three matching cards, two unmatched cards.
Straight 40 Five cards of different suits, in order.
Flush 50 Five cards of the same suit, out of order.
Full house 60 Three of a kind and a pair.
Four of a kind 70 Four matching cards.
Straight flush 80 Five cards of the same suit, in order.
The poker game screen.

The game is impossible to lose if you never draw any cards. Due to the multiplier system, you can take zero points on bad hands and at least 100 points on even the worst of the good hands. For bad hands, in which you can't even make a pair, you will lose 100 points. This number is multiplied by how many cards you draw, up to five. So if you draw no cards, it is multiplied by zero, giving zero total added to your score.

Once you are dealt something to your hand, it still doesn't pay to draw to a better hand, because there is a greater chance of not making the hand. The multiplier for winning hands is inverted, so you get a bigger multiplier for drawing less cards:

  • 0 cards: ×10
  • 1 card: ×8
  • 2 cards: ×5
  • 3 cards: ×3
  • 4 cards: ×2
  • 5 cards: ×1


Note: The pictures contain explicit graphics that may not be suitable for children.

You get a new picture at every 1,000 points accumulated. After the fifth picture, you can insert the second disk for the final one.

  • After 1,000 points, the alien binds and strips you with its tentacles. (Image)
  • After 2,000 points, you are made to service the alien orally. (Image)
  • After 3,000 points, you're barely conscious. (Image)
  • After 4,000 points, full penetration. (Image)
  • After 5,000 points, new feelings begin to awaken in you. (Image)
  • After you've beaten the game, you are impregnated with alien spawn. (Image)
  • If you lose more than 1,000 points, the game ends with your body being impaled. (Image)