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Getting Around[edit]

Although the game has an overworld map, you can explore only cities and dungeons, with overworld travel happening only in Chapter 4 with Venus' Ark and landing only on cities or ascending to the Moon Kingdom.

Inside the cities, you can find shops that sell items and/or accessories and inns that fully restore the party's HP for money and inside the dungeons, you can find items, rare accessories, exchangeable Key Items inside treasure chests, and/or traveling merchants that sell items or fully restore the party's HP for free.

As you travel, you may encounter enemies at a nearly fixed amount of steps (that you can avoid by pressing X Button, Start Button or Select Button) between cities, inside the dungeons, or even inside the cities (in the case of Chapter 1).

Saving the game is only possible by inspecting a Luna-P at key places or when Luna (and Artemis, just once) asks you to save the game at the end of the 4 chapters.


The game can display 3 different subscreens: the "Menu" subscreen, the "Configuration" subscreen and the "Make-Up! Link" subscreen.


"Menu" Screen

Accessible by pressing the X Button button, you can perform some actions, such as:

  • Items: Use, sort usable items and view Key Items. However, some items are only usable during a battle.
  • Accessories: Allows you to equip up to 3 accessories per character.
  • Formation: Allows you to switch between 4 available formations: Chute, Arrow, Victory and Cluster. Also, it allows you to swap the members' positions. Also, it allows you to swap the members' positions.
  • Status: View the data of both civilian (name, birthdate, blood type and hobbies) and Sailor Guardian aspects of a single character, such as HP, EP, Attack, Defense, Speed and Evade.
  • Techniques: View the technique pool of a single character.
  • Link Techs: View all the Link Techs you learned.
  • Puzzle: View your progress on the Puzzle. Sometimes enemies drop a Puzzle Piece upon defeat, but you have to collect some hidden in the cities to complete it.
  • Save: Allows you to save the game by talking to a Luna-P or at the end of a chapter.


Configuration Options

Also known as "Options", it is accessible by pressing Select Button, where you perform more actions, such as:

  • Sound: Alternate between Stereo and Mono.
  • Cursor Type: Choose Memory (where the last battle command is saved to be chosen again) or Off (where the battle command is reset to the first option).
  • Text Speed: Choose from 1 (fast) to 5 (slow).
  • BG Color: Choose the color of the game's border between 1 (green), 2 (beige), 3 (brown), 4 (pink) and 5 (blue).
  • Text Color: Choose the text's color between 1 (blue/white), 2 (white/blue), 3 (black/white), 4 (black/yellow) and 5 (green/light green)

Make-Up! Link[edit]

Make-Up! Link Menu

Accessible by pressing Start Button, this is a special menu where you can create Link Techniques, special attacks that require 2 or 3 Sailor Guardians, deducting 2 or 3 EP from those involved. Pressing X Button allows you to view a selected character's stats.