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The next stop on Kenshiro's journey is God Land (ゴッドランド), the headquarters of the Golan organization. The Golan organization is made up of former Red Beret soldiers, who have now found a new purpose following the nuclear war: create a land suitable for God by any means necessary. Though they can still be defeated in one hit, their past training makes the common enemies here, the Golan Recruits (GOLAN訓練生), a bit trickier. They will often utilize jumping attacks in order to escape Kenshiro's reach and subsequently crowd him. As such, it is easy to get overwhelmed by even the common enemies here. Some scaffolding scattered throughout the stage aids them in their escapes; try to jump up to higher ground before they do, as this will give you an advantage against the hopping grunts (allowing you to kick them mid-jump, before they can even attack).

In Black Belt, God Land is replaced by the streets, where wrestlers attempt to stop Riki on his quest. They utilize the same jumping kicks as the Golan Recruits, though they lack higher ground to escape to. On the upside, you don't have to chase them; on the downside, they'll have an easier time crowding you, and you also lack higher ground to escape to.

If the high kicks of the common enemies become an issue (as opposed to the basic punches of the previous chapter's enemies), try going for some low kicks (by kicking while crouching, or Down dpad + 2 button). Jumping kicks can also be helpful, though they may be risky. Generally, the safest method of attack against jumping enemies is to punch or kick them while they descend.


No. 1: Captain of the Elite Guard No. 2: Mad Sarge
HnK SMS boss Captain of the Elite Guard.png
The Captain of the Elite Guard ("wrestler with whip" in Black Belt) can be a very tough opponent due to the reach of his weapon; attacking him head-on won't work here, as he can simply ward you away with his whip. Instead, keep your distance until the Captain jumps. This will give you an opening to punch or kick him as he descends, after which you can back away and wait for the next jump. As long as you time these attacks well, you should be able to miss his whip completely.
HnK SMS boss Mad Sarge.png
The Mad Sarge ("wrestler with knife" in Black Belt) is the drill instructor of the Golan soldiers, and he has quite the rap sheet, boasting kills against a thousand enemy combatants. He's no doubt accomplished this using his combat knife and needle knives, which he throws in a straight line toward you. These needle knives can be dodged using jumps or can be blocked using punches or well-placed kicks. Once you get past those projectiles, you can approach him with some punches and, to avoid the close-range stabbing attempts, jumping kicks.

Boss: Colonel[edit]

HnK SMS boss Colonel.png
HnK SMS screen Colonel.png

The Colonel is the founder of the Golan organization, and fittingly acts as the final boss of this chapter (in Black Belt, he is replaced by a street punk named Hawk). He attacks using punches when close up, and boomerangs at a distance. To avoid ever having to see the boomerang, stay close to him; he'll attempt to hit you with a couple of punches, after which you can approach him and hit him with some punches of your own. Keep punching until he's backed into a corner, after which he'll skirt around to the other side of you and attempt another punch; punch him before he can do so. In theory, the Colonel's impressive weaponry should make him a much more difficult opponent than Shin, but in practice, the use of this strategy should completely negate any of his chances at victory.

Once the Colonel's health is depleted, Kenshiro will perform the Bone Crushing Fist (北斗壊骨拳 Hokuto Kaikotsu Ken?) on his opponent, brutally killing him. He then moves on to the next area, run by a menacing giant.