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Box artwork for Blasted.
Developer(s)Midway Games
Publisher(s)Midway Games
Release date(s)
Genre(s)Third-person shooter
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
TwitchBlasted Channel
Blasted marquee

Blasted is a third-person shooter arcade game that was released by Bally Midway in 1988; it runs on that company's MCR-68 hardware, and is based on an unreleased prototype known as "International Team Laser" that was developed in the previous year. The players must use two 8-way joysticks with triggers to direct the gunsights of their (unnamed) characters' scope rifles around the buildings at the top of their side of the screen (a close-up view is shown in the two circles below them), while firing at cyborgs (some of which look like evil versions of Mr. Fogg from Xenophobe) which have invaded the buildings and avoiding humans - as not only will you lose energy if you are hit by one of the cyborgs' shots, but you shall also lose energy if you accidentally shoot a human. Although the flyer says "100 different building settings" on it, there are actually only a total of fifteen unique buildings in the game.

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