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All three of these items will either appear grey, or flashing red. Grey capsules provide one additional bar of power, while flashing red capsules provide four additional bars of power.

Item Name Description
Blaster Master item power.png Power Collect these capsules to restore the amount of power that you have. Power is restored to the collector, so if Jason collects the capsules, only Jason receives additional power. SOPHIA must touch the capsule in order to recharge the vehicle. (Also note that Jason can recover all of his power by returning to SOPHIA).
Blaster Master item hover.png Hover Collect these capsules to increase the amount of Hover fuel you have available for SOPHIA. The more hover fuel you have, the higher and longer SOPHIA can fly. All hover fuel goes to SOPHIA, even if you collect it with Jason.
Blaster Master item gun.png Gun Collect the gun capsules to increase Jason's firepower when in the interior top-down view. As the gun's power grows, the types of shots that it fires will change. See the table below for an explanation of the different gun levels. Gun power is lost whenever Jason takes direct damage. All gun power goes to Jason, even if you collect it with SOPHIA, although it's very rare to find a gun capsule outdoors.

Gun power[edit]

Note that there are 8 different levels of firepower, and there are 9 states for your gun meter, including empty and full. If you start out empty, you will reach the eighth level of firepower when your meter is 7 units full. Likewise, if you start out full, you will reach the lowest level of firepower even if your meter still has 1 unit full.

Level Description
1 Jason fires shots that stop halfway across the screen.
2 Jason can fire two shots that travel all the way across the screen.
3 Jason can fire three shots that travel all the way across the screen.
4 Jason can fire three shots that travel all the way across the screen.
5 Some bullets that Jason fires will fly off in slowly expanding circles to either side.
6 Some bullets that Jason fires will fly off in quickly expanding circles to either side.
7 Jason can fire up to five bullets that travel in slowly expanding waves
8 Jason can fire a stream of bullets that can pass through solid objects, and travel in quickly expanding waves.

SOPHIA weapons[edit]

In addition to her main gun, SOPHIA is also equipped with three special weapons that you can fire, provided you have a supply of ammunition. Collecting each of these capsules gives you a supply of 20 units of ammo for that particular weapon. To activate a weapon, you must press Start button and highlight the desired weapon. To use the weapon, you must press Down dpad+B button.

Weapon Name Description
Blaster Master item missile homing.png Homing Missile When you fire this weapon, missiles will launch, lock on to a potential threat, and chase it down. One missile will appear for every enemy, up to a maximum of four. Sometimes, one missile will strike the intended target of another before reaching its own. The missile designated for that target will then drift away.
Blaster Master item missile multi.png Multi-warhead Missile Upon launch, this missile breaks up into three missiles that fan out in the direction that SOPHIA was facing. These missiles are much more powerful than the homing missiles, but they can't be directed, so you should make sure that your target is in the path of one of the missiles before firing.
Blaster Master item lightning.png Thunder Break This powerful weapon discharges a bolt of electricity directly beneath SOPHIA, allowing you to obliterate enemies that occupy lower levels. It cannot be used to strike enemies in any other direction than below you, but for that purpose, it works very efficiently.

SOPHIA upgrades[edit]

Every time you defeat an area boss, you will obtain one upgrade that is applied to SOPHIA upon collection. Some upgrades increase SOPHIA's firepower, while others increase SOPHIA's mobility.

Upgrade Name Description
Blaster Master upgrade hyper.png Hyper Beam The Hyper Beam increase the firepower of SOPHIA, and it gives you the ability to destroy the guardian that stands between you and Area 2.
Blaster Master upgrade crusher.png Crusher Beam The Crusher Beam gives SOPHIA the ability to pulverize certain forms of blocks with a shot from the cannon. Not all blocks can be destroyed, but the ones that can will lead you to new regions, like Area 3.
Blaster Master upgrade hover.png Hover The hover ability grants SOPHIA a limited ability to fly. In order to hover, you must collect H capsules that refuel the hover meter. Hovering will help you access the gate to Area 4.
Blaster Master upgrade key.png Key Not much of an upgrade, possession of the key simply allows you to unlock the gate that leads to Area 5.
Blaster Master upgrade dive.png Dive Engine The Dive Engine allows SOPHIA to easily glide through water. Upon reaching Area 5, the SOPHIA will sink to the bottom like a stone. Without the Dive Engine, you will not be able to bring it back up to the surface and reach Area 6.
Blaster Master upgrade wall1.png Wall 1 The Wall 1 upgrade alters SOPHIA's wheels and give it the ability to grip walls and climb vertically, up or down any surface. You'll need this special ability to climb up to the gate that leads to Area 7.
Blaster Master upgrade wall2.png Wall 2 While the first wall upgrade allows you to cling to vertical walls, the second wall upgrade will let you hang from the ceiling! With this upgrade, there is no section that will be out of your reach. You can only reach the final area with this upgrade.