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Box artwork for Blasto.
Developer(s)Gremlin Industries
Publisher(s)Gremlin Industries
Release date(s)
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
TwitchBlasto Channel

Blasto is an arcade game that was released by Gremlin Industries in 1978; in a one-player game, the player must use a four-directional joystick and a single button to take control of a spaceship in a mine field. You will have ninety seconds to destroy all the mines and win a free game - and when a mine is hit, it will explode, along with everything near it (which could be seen as a distant fore-runner to those from Namco's Navalone which was released two years later and is also monochromatic). However, if your ship gets caught in the explosion, your game will immediately end, regardless of how much time you had left; it also features a different mine field layout every time you play (and no two are alike). In a two-player game, both players will have to try to destroy the most mines before that timer runs out - and ultimately each other, because when one player shoots his opponent he will receive 1000 points.