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"House Of My Enemy"

Vorador says Umah is in the top of the keep. Do not fight the Sarafan Lord.


Save at the checkpoint if you wish, then run forward along the right wall, take out the Sarafan guard then continue through the mist and to where the sword lies on the ground. Do as it says on screen, select your new ability charm and use it on the man you can see through the glass. Control him to open the door, then press jump to return to normal. Kill him while he's in a daze then run into the building and through the door. Save at the checkpoint if you wish.


Dash forward into the mist and cloak, or use charm and wait for the Sarafan Guard to attack you. Disable him either way, then run forward and turn the valve. Continue down the hall, into the door, kill the man then use the vampire weapon enchantment chest.

Head back to the door that was covered in steam and go through it. Turn right, jump down the stairs, head to the bottom. Charm the Sarafan Guard and kill him (should take a single combo). Hop down to the bottom floor, go to the right of the big machine and flick the lever. The machine will load some fuel (a giant charcoal briquette maybe?).

Go over to the glyph battery and push it to the left side of the machine. Place it against the wall, just next to the last part of the machine (the small pipe with the hole in it). Hop up a level and pull the lever; the machine will spew flames over the glyph battery causing it to explode and destroy the barrel blocking the door.

The door will be blown off its hinges so just step through and continue down the hall. A rogue will be chasing a man, take them both out. Continue.

At the split paths, head up the stairs and grab the golden coffer. Head back down, pull the lever and enter the room. Hit the checkpoint, kill the Sarafan Guard who killed the man, drain them, then save if you like.



Sewer place.


Prison cells. Golden coffer.


Vampire weapon power-up chest. Mural.


Artemis the noble. Golden coffer.


Tradesman. Two golden coffers.


Sarafan guard. Door. Courtyard. Two Sarafan Guards. Guard Captain. Umah.