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"The Nexus Stone"


Up ladder, golden coffer.


Vorador message, two Sarafan rogues. Drop down, man, Sarafan rogue, man, lever. Man, double bladed staff, silver coffer. Climb boxes, leap, lever, golden door.

Mist, left, two mercenaries, man, lever, door, checkpoint and save.


Elevator down, giant machine. Two Sarafan rogues, two men. Four furnaces, final switch. Conveyor belt, box, power-up, glyph box, through door, death pit, golden coffer.

Outside, explosion. Two mercenaries, two men, three corpses. Checkpoint.


Gondola switch, door, climb on.

Three workers, checkpoint.


Ladder, Sarafan rogue, ladder. Two Sarafan rogues, switch, door, checkpoint.


Ladder, two Sarafan knights. Wait for patrolling knight to attack, kill, take weapon, attack second. Remember to use fury. Silver coffer. Elevator, hit outside switch, wait. Hit inside lever. Door, checkpoint.


Mercenary, leap attack him, kill. Mist, kill second mercenary. Very possible that the second will come while fighting the first. Run to the end of the path, take the elevator down.

Silver coffer near water. Two Sarafan armored guards, one with a shield and longsword, one with a double bladed staff. Run to the end of the path, leap across gap to the dirt path.

Mercenary, door, checkpoint.


Mist, Sarafan armored guard with double bladed staff. Woman, switches, door. Head left, hit the switch, climb on the conveyor belt and run. There's a double bladed staff in the corner to your left if you need it, but head right and hit the checkpoint.


Run into the next room and cloak immediately. You'll catch the Sarafan armored guard and the Mercenary's attention, however this guard cannot detect you so you can actually use the mist correctly. Hopefully the mercenary will give you some distance, but either way just try to get one or both of them with stealth kills.

Run through the center of the room, between the furnaces. At the end, cloak in the mist and stealth kill the mercenary. Hit the lever and run through the door.

Run over to the big red glass window and charm one of the workers into flipping the lever on the bomb in the corner. Drink the three corpses, then jump through the giant hole in the wall.

At the top of the path, in the first room you'll see rocks falling and a single woman worker. You'll notice this place isn't very stable, but you have nothing to worry about; the rocks will eventually stop falling. Kill her, drink her and her two dead colleagues and then go up the path to the right. Open the golden coffer, then go back to the room and take a right up the path. At the end, walk up to the door for another cutscene where a high ranking officer (in this case a vampire) tells the guards to do their job better.

Go up to the window on the right and charm one of the workers to open the door. Forget about the workers and run up into the mist and stealth kill the mercenary.

Run ahead, cloak and try to sneak up on the Sarafan armored guard with a double bladed staff. You can use the mist to help skip past taking turns on defense and offense and just hit him while he can't see you.

Run back and kill the two workers. Head to the end of the hall, there's an arced halberd in the corner, and hit the lever.

Go through the door, kill the two workers on the left, head back to the door and stand by the big glass window. Charm the patrolling worker and flip the switch. Switch back to Kain, go across the conveyor belt (by the two dead workers), kill the worker then save at the checkpoint.


Cloak and head forward. Notice the mercenary on your left. To stealth kill him, head to the right (his left) and target him. As you skirt along the wall, slowly rotate around him. You should be able to make it all the way around just barely. Take him out when you can, then wait for the other to come by and take him out from behind as well.

Hit the switch and go through the door, then hit the switch on the right. Charm the female worker through the glass window. Run across the unmoving conveyor belt (notice the silver coffer) and then run around to the left and hit the switch. End your channelling, run across the conveyor belt and kill the two mercenaries, then the two workers. Open the silver coffer, then head through the open door.

Ignore the switch, it will close the doors around you. Cloak, then head into the room and either try to sneak up behind the two mercenaries or lure them towards you then cloak.

When finished, DO NOT PULL THE LEVER ON THE BOMB. Head through the room on the left, then the right, and charm one of the workers. Run them back to the bomb and detonate it.

Kill the surviving worker, then drink that and the two other corpses.

Jump onto the elevator, then hit the checkpoint and save.


Cloak, then stealth kill the two mercenaries. The second one should catch the attention of an armored Sarafan guard. A second, double bladed staff wielding Sarafan guard is nearby, so take him out after the first.

Run up the stairs and stealth kill the mercenary. Run along the catwalk and open the golden coffer before flipping the switch.

Jump down and head through the now open door, touch the checkpoint and save.


Charm the worker through the window, pull the first lever, then go through the door and hit the second. Give control back to Kain, run over and kill her, then continue across the conveyor belt. Charm one of the two workers and hit the two switches, then the third by the glass window. Again return to Kain, then run across the new conveyor belt. Kill the mercenary, then the two workers.

Return to the large room and follow the carts into the opposite wall. Kill the woman there, then hop onto the elevator and pull the lever on the left side.

At the top, kill the man on the left, then run around the right side and up the stairs. Surprise the mercenary from behind, then finish him off and the three workers. Notice the track around the room, and the cart on it. It contains a bomb; you'll also see a torch emitting from above at one section near the top of the stairs. Guess what you have to do? The track is blocked at the moment, so move the object that is on the tracks off of it. To do so, move to the platform in the middle, face the object and it should glow. Press attack and back up. Do the opposite for the object at the top of the stairs since you want to stop the cart in front of the flame. When the preparations are made, run over to the cart and press the lever on the machine nearby. The cart will roll over to the object, stop, heat up and explode, opening a massive passage for you to continue through.

The stairway will close, so run into the passage and save at the checkpoint.


Run up to the two enemies and cloak. Wait for them to come to you and hopefully you can stealth kill the mercenary, then take out the Sarafan armored guard.

Head to the chasm, then leap across to the bottom ledge. Hop up, take on the mercenary (you can leap attack him if you like) then follow the long path back into the Industrial Quarter. Run forward into the back room, enjoy the music from the phonograph and open the silver coffer.

Run down the middle passageway to the checkpoint and save.


The center column will slowly lower to the ground. Walk on top of it to trigger a cutscene.

You'll watch as Kain rises to the chamber where the Nexus stone is held. Sebastian will confront Kain and accuse him of being a thief. Through their conversation you'll understand that Sebastian betrayed Kain and his army two hundred years ago only because he could not stand to watch Kain rule when he desired to be lord. Sebastian sided with the Sarafan Lord, putting great trust in him; however Kain once again offers to help deliver his "friend" before the Sarafan Lord can toss him aside. Unfortunately Sebastian believes after two hundred years his powers have grown enough to take on Kain, so you'll have to show him who's boss.


This vampire's special power is being able to move at high speeds. If you try to take him on directly you'll notice he dodges every one of your attacks; and not only that but strikes at incredible speeds. If you had paid attention to the workers who lowered the platform, you would have also noticed the steam that sprays out from the sides of the room through the vents. Yeah, it doesn't look like steam, nor does its effect seem like it burns but you'll understand soon enough why it is.

First take him on directly, but be defensive. Remember that your fury attacks will deal more damage than regular attacks, so power it up. Stand in the middle, with Sebastian on the outside of the center ring. Fight him, always defensive and as the steam comes around he'll get burned as you fight. Try not to get hit by the vapors because getting touched hurts you as well; when touched, either vampire will turn a tint of blue. Sebastian also yells "it burns" so it's a dead give-away that the mist is either really cold or really hot, either way just know to avoid it.

If you ever knock Sebastian down, be ready for him to charge you at a moments notice; if he makes a sound, MOVE because right when he gets up he'll charge with his feet glowing red.

His attacks are very simple for having the speed ability. If he comes up to you he'll either attack quickly or give you about a one and a half second delay before he strikes, so block, then if he doesn't do anything wait just a moment then block again. You can always try and block as he attacks, but if you're slow you're going to get hit. He's weak so a single blow won't knock you down, just continue blocking through his combo (five hits) and then if he charges a red attack, dodge and then strike him down. His yellow attacks come in the form of a wind up punch, it has a short delay so just block like normal. If you attack him when he hasn't done a combo he'll either jump backwards or dodge around you, this is a good way to move him to where you want. If he dodges to the side, block immediately or you'll be hit.

After a small amount of damage he'll put on his speed ability and run around the room, causing a giant dynamo to charge up. The center circle will charge up with energy and create a field that burns Kain very quickly. Watch out for the mist, it rotates around the room in the opposite direction that Sebastian moves, so you'll have to run around a little to avoid it. Stay to the edge, keeping yourself on the opposite side of the room as Sebastian; always keep the energy field between you and him. When Sebastian attacks, he stops on one of the large wall panels with the single bar on them and yells "I've got you now Kain." Then he'll leap down, either hitting you hard or running into the energy field to be electrocuted, thus lowering his health significantly. It's also possible to "bounce" him into it by being just to the side; Sebastian leaps at you, but if he misses he rolls a little towards the center.

After three hits of this he'll move onto the final phase. Sebastian will yell up to the worker in the control room to raise the daius; after pulling a lever the center column will raise up half way so that your enemy can reach the Nexus stone. He'll leap up and tell you that he's going to destroy it! Every time he hits it a massive green explosion will fill the room, you'll know when.

To stop him, jump up on the daius, then charm the worker in the room above. Have him pull the lever on the right to fill the basin with hot steam.


Sebastian will then face you in a one on one fight to the death on top of the daius, saying "No one fools me with my own trick!" Make sure you don't fall off, the steam will burn most of your life out if you do. Use the same techniques as you first did; he won't use his speed attack after falling so you actually have it easier now. After about 8 fury hits or three hit combos you'll knock sebastian down into the steam.

Kain will attempt to retrieve some information before Sebastion dies. You'll learn that the Nexus stone opens a portal to a "vice underground," housing a device that will destroy Kain. Sebastian will pass out and then Kain will absorb his spirit. Before nabbing the Nexus Stone.

Grabbing the forbidden fruit will set of a chain reaction, explosions will fill the area, you'll see the worker go flying after getting hit by fire. As the Nexus Stone's machine blows up, Kain is thrown far from the building where one of the Cabal picks him up and takes him back to Sanctuary to rest.

Vorador tells you to go to a seer through a secret passage where demons roam.