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Your mission is to enter the tavern nearby and find the leader of The Cabal.

Den Entry[edit]

From your starting point, follow the catwalk around to the checkpoint, then run forward and take out the first man. You'll hear screams from others, so follow the cliff edge towards the tunnel (right of where the catwalk ends) and you'll see a man and a woman. Devour them, use the relic and then pull the lever on the left wall, behind the glyph panel.

Follow the energy back along the pipe, kill the thug and steal his weapon. Drain the human he was mugging. Run over to the gate where the energy powered up and crank the wheel around twice.

Enter the room, the gate will slam shut behind you, then take on your first two rogues. One may try to fire arrows at you, but ignore her and fight the one charging you. Knock one down, fight the other, then kill the other as she rises and then the last one. Take one of their blades if you like, drain them and then enter the blue room and climb the ladder. Head through the door, grab the checkpoint and save if you like.


Run along the boardwalk and float down from the left side of the upraised bridge. Kill the thug, then activate the lever that will drop the bridge down. Follow the water around the edge of the area, kill the two citizens, the two thugs, continue and kill the lady, then grab the relic chest before climbing up the ramp.

At the top, slay the three people, then cross the bridge. Head into the next room, then open the door and head inside. Hop down the stairs into the celler, then as you enter the large room be on your guard for a rogue lies in wait on the right side. Guard yourself, then strike her down. Open the door in the center of the room (hold B to effectively use the wheel) and grab the contents of the relic chest.


Ignore the other door in here for now and climb the staircase in the back and around the corner.

Take out the ranged rogue, then the two people. Pull the lever in back, then follow the energy back down the stairs to the locked room. Open the door, pull the lever, use the weapon box, then follow the energy back upstairs to the front door. Open the door, head forward (just wait for the energy trail to lead you) to the ward gate and shut it off with the lever on the left side.

Head forward, kill the man, then use mist and take out the first thug from behind. Turn off mist or begin fighting the next one, then kill the woman (who has probably run off somewhere) and grab the relic chest in the alley beside where the thugs were standing. Continue, kill the two rogues (you can get another stealth kill here), then open the door with the wheel.

Use mist again, kill the rogue, continue forward and take on a rogue who will probably rush you.

Head forward to the end of the passage, take out the man, get the checkpoint and save if you like.


Head into the bar, kill the four people (the bartender can't be touched) then climb the staircase in the back. A man will talk to you and tell you how to get to the tunnel by way of the church. You're again warned of danger, which Kain brushes off. The bartender then yells for Serafan guards to come, which do nothing more than lock the front door. Head upstairs (kill the man you talked to if you wish) and take out the thug upstairs.

You'll probably notice the crack in the wall behind the book case. Walk up to the books from the front, it will glow, then grab it and walk backwards one or two steps. Run around and head through the gap.

Turn to your left and you'll see a rogue and a man. Wait for the rogue to look away, then run up behind her and slice her up. Kill the man, drain them, then run down the stairs and through the metal door that leads to the streets.

Head to the right and take out the two thugs. Your enchanted weapon will probably be damaged by now, so replace it if need be. You'll see the church in the distance, glowing a peculiar dark red. Too bad the gate is locked. Find the big box to the left of the gate, push it into the alley towards the fence. When you can no longer move the box, hop on it, then over the fence onto the checkpoint, grab the relic chest (you should level up) and then save if you like.


Run down the alley and just before going through the broken fence, prepare yourself for a thug just on the other side. Take him out, then follow the boardwalk around the water and into the church courtyard. You'll be shown a view of the area where a few Serafan soldiers roam. A man will cry out for help as a rogue chases him over a small wooden plank and into an area that you cannot see.

Turn right, run to the corner, get the guard's attention and then run into the mist and cloak yourself. As he comes towards you, give yourself some distance and then wheel around behind him and get a stealth kill.

Continue on, then lead the next soldier back into the mist as well. Steal his longsword after you're through with him.

Head back down the corridor where he was patrolling, then jump on the building with the ladder and the box next to it. Walk up the ramp, across the planks and drain the man you saw before. Run down the stairs and through the smashed wall. You'll fall into a large room with an elevator. Run over and hit the lever. You'll be taken down many floors where two glyph seraphan are seen walking through a corridor.

Run through the corridors until you reach the opening with a large pool of water and some figures on the other side. A cutscene will show the being who slayed the man at the end of chapter one go through a door that closes behind them. One of the glyph Serafan will walk towards you and then disappear.

Run to the left up the catwalk and hit the checkpoint, then save.


Continue forward and around the corner where you'll see a steam gate blocking your pass. As you approach you'll see two men standing behind it talking. Turn the small wheel just to the left of the door, then run forward and kill the man farther back. Turn around and slay the first one, then head through the metal door in the back. Use the weapon box with your longsword, then absorb the relic chest's contents.

Head back out the door, across the metal walkway and up along the side of the rock face. You'll reach an open area with mist on the ground and a man inside an enclosed room. A cutscene will take place where the man chuckles maniacly as he pulls a lever which closes the metal door to your right.

Run into the room straight ahead, pull the lever, then use mist before leaving the room. Head through the door, continue forward and stealth kill the Serafan guard. The man in the room will come running out screaming, so cut him down.

If you try to go into the next room, the workers on the other side will close it before you get a chance to enter. Head to the left and pull all three levers, you'll see the machine start shooting bits of steam out. Head back to the door, just to the right of the lever and turn the little wheel there. You'll let out a massive amount of steam onto the workers, scalding them to death.

Head through the room, then pull the lever and enter into the mist, cloaking yourself immediately. Wait for the soldier to patrol nearby, then stealth kill him. Head around to the left, and down the passage way that goes downwards and into the building. Open the door and turn right, climb the ladder.

Run to the center, hit the lever to switch the steam to the ladder. Run to the door, wait for the Serafan guard to patrol away from you, open the door, run up from behind and knock him down, then stab him while he's down. Open the other door, then switch the steam back. Climb the ladder when it's clear. At the top, pull the lever to shut the whole steam machine down. Jump back to the very bottom and into the pit that was blocked by steam before.

At the bottom, climb up onto the platform and touch the checkpoint, then save.


Run towards the door, a cutscene will happen and the door will open, you'll enter the room, then all the doors in the room will close and lock.

A man will enter and begin speaking. Faustus is his name, a traitor vampire and the same who killed the man in chaptor one.

After threats are exchanged, Kain will jump backwards and the fight will begin.


Know that this first part is mostly a battle made up of you blocking and then countering with Fury whenever you have your Dark Gift energy meter filled high enough. Faustus takes little damage from normal hits, even from the longsword.

After three fury hits, he will run away saying that he has a gift for you. Follow him through the tunnel and into the big room. As you approach him, he'll leap atop one of the four furnaces that sit in the middle of each of the four walls. Run over to the base of the one he's standing on and pull the lever to douse him in flames.

He'll fall to the center of the room in pain, but then do the same thing again. However this time he runs as you approach the furnaces. You must be quick. Don't pull any levers until you've timed it so that you're about to pull it just as he has reached the furnace; otherwise he'll just run as you flick the switch.

After this second hit, he'll go back to an easy version where he throws better aimed shots at you; although if you pull the switch in time you'll be invincible to any hits you may take. At times, mist will come out and allow you to sneak up on him while he just stands there. Try using it to your advantage.

In the final phase of his attack, Faustus will climb to the very top of the room and run around the rafters trying to sneak up on you. At the start of this phase, all the mist in the room will dissipate. You need to either find a good spot where you can watch him at all times, or listen closely. When you hear his wispy breath, it means he's dropped to the floor and is attempting to kick you (he performs a VERY long and powerful kick, lined with red energy). All you have to do is run when you hear this sound. If he does do the kick, he'll miss by a longshot and end up skidding along the ground. He'll be stunned for a second, so run up and get a good three hit combo on him.

After four combos he should die.


Faustus will jump back up to the rafters and then fall to the floor with a crash. Kain will walk up and absorb his soul, acquiring Faustus's Dark Gift of jump.

Head through the open passage to the outside. Walk to the broken bridge and you'll be told to use your new ability. Select jump, then press the gift ability button, then move the cursor to where you want to jump (it must be within sight and no objects can be in the way); if the location (the circle) is purple, press the gift ability button to leap to that point. As it says, you can also use it to attack enemies from a distance. If you don't want to use the ability, press the normal jump button to cancel it.

After crossing the bridge, head through the tunnel on the left side; you've completed the chapter.