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Kain's blood is his health. Without it he would be dead; even more than undead. Blood can be replenished only by drinking that of others. Like hunger, Kain's blood slowly drains out as he desires for more and more.

To increase the maximum amount of blood that Kain can have try gaining more lore.


Lore is basically Kain's experience level. As Kain sucks the blood out of his prey, his lore bar will slowly fill. When it reaches the top, he will be imbued with a fiery rage and his maximum health will increase. After a "level up," the lore bar will empty itself and then expand to require even more lore for an increase in health.

Lore Chests[edit]

Also known as coffers, lore chests are ancient vampire treasure chests. Each one contains three hits of lore.

Object Interaction[edit]

When Kain gets near an interactable object, it glows white. Press attack to use an object while it's glowing. Certain objects like boxes and power eggs can be moved. Press attack to begin channelling telepathic energy around the object, then move Kain to either push or pull the object.

Interactable Objects
  • Boxes
  • Doors
  • Levers
  • Lore Chests/Coffers
  • Power Eggs
  • Valves, Gears, Wheels
  • Vampire Weapon Enchantment Chests
  • Weapons

Vampire Weapon Enchantment Chests[edit]

These ancient chests contain magical energy that imbues an equipped weapon with additional firepower.


Combat is very simple in Blood Omen 2. Kain can attack or grab enemies, and he can block. When attacking, Cain can only do a maximum number of three hits. Think of enemy HP in terms of number of combos, not hits. Most enemies take 1-2 combos to kill. When not attacking or after a combo (unsuccessful) Kain has a cooldown period where the enemy can take advantage of him. This is where blocking comes in.

Blocking helps you defend against all but the most powerful attacks. By blocking you both protect Kain from taking damage and help fill up his Dark Gift meter.

Dark Gifts[edit]

For more details on Dark Gifts, see Blood Omen 2/Dark Gifts.

The vampire's curse develops differently within every person; thus each vampire has their own special skill. Over time Kain is able to acquire more of these special abilities. Some can be used at any time, others are conditional and some take a minimum amount of the Dark Gift meter. Block enemy attacks to fill the meter, then unleash Kain's special abilities upon them.

You'll begin the game with two vampire abilities: Mist and Fury.