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The controls for Blue Dragon fall into three categories.


Control Action
Neutral lstick Move character
Neutral rstick Move camera
A button Examine, talk, confirm
B button Cancel
X button Initiate encounter
Y button Open main menu
RT button Open Field Menu, Encounter Circle
LB button, RB button Use Field Skills
Neutral dpad Navigate menu
Start button Display world map
LT button Reset camera


Control Action
Neutral lstick, Neutral dpad Select battle commands, targets, etc.
A button Confirm, charge move
B button Cancel selection
Y button Move cursor between monsters and party members when selecting a target
LB button, RB button Hold to display party status effects

Mechat Shooting[edit]

The Mechat Shooting controls can be changed between four types in the Main Menu by going to Controls > Mechat Shooting.

Control A Control B Control C Control D Action
Neutral lstick Aim reticule
A button Fire machine gun
B button Fire missile