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You'll start the game beside your coffin. Walk to the right and kill any Zombies you encounter until you reach the spike mashers. These aren't the same instant-death ones that you find in Castlevania so you don't have to worry about dying. Pass under the three of them and you'll be in the clear. Continue to the right until you reach the Bats. You can either just walk past them or go forward a little, back up when the Bat drops down, and hit it. Another Zombie will usually show up once you're past the third Bat so take of it before it hits you. Climb the stairs at the end and hit the Spear Knights ahead twice to kill them. You can also hit them from below to make it easier. After the third set of stairs, jump across the gap and grab the Heart Container ahead.

A Zombie will appear when you're at the edge of the platform. Kill it and keep going forward, avoiding the Bats above. After awhile, you'll come up to a Panda jumping around with several Bats hanging on the ceiling. Tread carefully past them, while killing the Pandas along the way. You should see another platform ahead but don't jump to it from the front unless you kill the Bats hanging nearby. Be sure to grab the Full Heart on the right under the platform before going up. It will restore all of your health. Now jump to the stairs to the right but don't climb them right away. Wait for the Frankenstein to walk toward you and then pummel him from below. You'll be in the typical clock room now. There will be a Spear Knight walking around on the gear.

Kill him from below and then jump, jump, jump to the stairs. Kill the second Spear Knight on the gear and continue up the stairs and to the left. At the top of the stairs there will be another Frankenstein. Kill him from a distance and continue to the stairs and then the pendulum to get across to the other side. Keep going until you see the Bat hanging around and the trap door below it. This one is a trick, you can just walk over it and it won't flip over. =). The next one however, you will have to watch out. Get close to the Bat so that it drops down. Now back up and hit it and then jump over the two consecutive trap doors to avoid them. Jump up to the platform leading outside and kill the Bat that will fly at you. It will be above your shots so you have to hit it while it's going low.

Jump to the next platform but watch out for this next one. It will slowly fall toward the bottom of the screen but you'll be fine as long as you jump towards the edge of the falling platform. He doesn't get much distance when jumping, you see, so you have to be careful from here on in. There will be another Bat flying towards you once you reach the next platform. Wait for it to fly low and then hit it. After that there will be two more falling platforms. Jump across them and you'll be in the clear for this stage. Grab the Heart at the left edge and continue up. This next part will look familiar for those people who played the original Castlevania. Yup, it's the final path to Dracula himself... but he's not home right now. Walk into his chamber room to meet the boss.

Boss: Ghost Child / Parent

You'll face off against the Ghost Child first. He starts off by slowly jumping to the right. You can pummel him while he's in the air and again when he lands. If you're quick you can defeat him before he makes it all the way to the right. If you didn't, he'll throw two fireballs at you, and then run back to the left to start all over again. Jump over the fireballs and him and then keep hitting him until he starts crying and walks off the screen. Heh. It's not the end of this fight though, because the Ghost Parent will appear right after him. He has exactly the same attack pattern as the Ghost Child, except that you can duck under his fireballs. Pummel him the same way and he'll start crying as well.