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You'll start out on top of a brown building. Jump to the next set of buildings and then down to another brown building. Kill any UFOs flying around or they will drop Martians that will pester you. When you reach the brown building ahead, there will be a Heart Container waiting for you. Jump onto the orange building and kill the Spiderman that climbs up. If you don't, it'll jump around and you'll likely get hit. On the next building another Spiderman will come up. Kill it before it becomes a nuisance. Two more will appear right after that. Drop right down beside the first one and plug him. The second one will appear at the far right side of the building. Once they are gone jump to the orange building to meet a Gorilla...

It will jump causing the building to shake but it doesn't do anything to you. Just blast it and continue on. There will be another one on the next building. After it's gone, use the bat transformation to get to the orange building but transform back at the edge, and kill the Gorilla waiting there. At the far right side on the grey building there will be a Full Heart waiting for you. Grab it and then fall between the buildings to end up in the subway system. The denizens of this place aren't too happy to see you though. Turn up the volume while you're here, you'll need it. There's a few spots here where the trains horn will sound, signifying that orange overhead is lower than usual. Isn't that courtesy? I didn't know the train operator was so nice.

When it sounds, stay below the grey box on the train or just duck. Either way is fine. Head to the right and hide when the horn goes off when you're on the second car. It will sound off again when you jump onto the third car. It will go off once again when you get between the two grey boxes on the third car. It's longer than the others but stay here until it passes. The horn sounds again when you get between the third and fourth train car. Stay low and don't jump onto the fourth train car. It's a longer one again but you can easily make it through before you get trapped on the left. After this one passes you'll be in the clear for awhile but now you'll have to deal with those subway denizens I was talking about earlier.

The Punks are simple to kill but they come from both directions and they have a distance attack, throwing their hair at you. Heh. Kill them quickly because they get annoying and a little dangerous. Keep going right until you reach the Heart sitting between the two train cars. Soon after you grab it, a Masked Killer will appear on the train car to the left. Kill him or he'll jump out and start harassing you. On the next train car, a second Masked Killer will appear to the right, followed by another one right after that. Kill them both and jump onto the next train car. A forth Masked Killer will appear on the left side of this train car, followed by a fifth on the right side.

The next bit of this stage is rather tricky so be careful not to get trapped on the left side by the scrolling screen. If at all possible, try to attack the Masked Killers on the right instead of the left. The Punks and the Masked Killers will also coordinate their attacks. =). Several more Masked Killers will appear followed by Punks, mainly coming for the left. Not long after you take care of those guys, the horn will sounds again. Find a nook and stay there until you pass it. One more Masked Killer will appear and several more Punks before the train finally stops. Climb the ladder to the top and then jump over the wall to meet the boss.

Boss: Statue of Liberty Quiz Time!

You don't really fight the Statue of Liberty. Instead it will quiz you on a variety of topics. You lose one health if you answer a question wrong, and if you lose all of your health or get beat by Mr. Chicken or the Ghost Child you'll get sent back to the beginning of the subway section. It will talk for a bit and then finally get to the questions. When you see a sentence with a question mark at the end that's your cue to get ready. Right after that, it will start listing the three possible answers in point form. When it does, start pressing B button to ring the buzzer, and then answer the question.That's the format of this through the entirety of the quiz.

  1. 2nd answer
  2. 1st answer
  3. 2nd answer
  4. 3rd answer
  5. 2nd answer
  6. 3rd answer
  7. 3rd answer
  8. 3rd answer
  9. 3rd answer
  10. 2nd answer
  11. 3rd answer
  12. 2nd answer
  13. 2nd answer
  14. 1st answer

You've won once you've correctly answered three questions. It will talk a bit more and then let you go onto the next stage.