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At the end of each stage, you get to play several mini-games which reward you with lives if you win. There isn't any skill involved, so just pick something and hope for the best.

  • Ghost Leg - Choose one of the four paths to start the lottery. A few more horizontal paths will be added after your decision. The destinations are labelled from A to D, to activate one of the following mini games.
  • A: Roulette - Choose the items you like and bet your medals. Each medal is equal to two coins. After you've decided, press the button on the far right to start the roulette. If the light stops at one of the items you have bet, you win that item. You will receive as many items as you have bet medals.
  • B: Can-Can Girls - Choose a color and hope for the girls showing your chosen color. Each play uses five coins. You have a better chance of winning when you choose a color with lower amounts of lives.
  • C: Lottery - Hold B button to make the wheel spin and a ball will fall out. Each play uses three coins. You get extra lives depending on the ball you have received.
  • D: Skeleton in a Barrel - Put the swords in the holes and hope they don't hit the skeleton. For every two coins you have one sword, but only up to ten swords can be used during each play. In each play, you gain 1, 3, 6, 10 extra lives for 4, 7, 9, 10 swords successfully put in holes, but if you hit the skeleton, all other swords in current play will be wasted.