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You play as Penny in the next mission, although in reality it is supposed to be at the same time as this one.

When you get to this level, bring Bolt forward and jump onto the higher platform. Then you need to use double jump to get to the next one. Then go across the bridge. Halfway across, you will see that while you are doing this Penny is raising the Pyramid by spinning two gigantic wheels. Continue along the bridge.

There are two paths of ledges that you will come to. You need to take the upper one as the lower one doesn't lead anywhere, and if you jump off the edge you will need to restart the level. The final gap you need to use a long jump (Cross buttonCross buttonSquare button) to get across successfully. Then you will come to a round area. There is a path in view but it's blocked; you need to go back a bit and there are steps here. Go up them and you will come to a closed gate guarded by two enemies. You need to take them out, but then some more enemies with electric gloves will jump down and attack you. You need to kill them as well, and then wait a few seconds. Bolt will gain the Superbark power.

Use your new Superbark, by pressing L2 button, to break the gate. Then you can continue. You need to go across a bridge, and you will come to a strange round yellow thing. It blows up, making part of the bridge fall down. Go down it and to the grass below. The part of the bridge then falls down, so you cannot turn back. Go along a bit, and you will come to another yellow thing. These are mines. You can just avoid them (keep away from them or run past quickly so you're not caught in the explosion) or you can press Square button to head-butt them away.