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Box artwork for Bomb Bee.
Bomb Bee
Year released1979
Preceded byGee Bee
Followed byCutie Q
SeriesGee Bee
Japanese titleボムビー
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
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Bomb Bee is the second title in Namco's Gee Bee trilogy of "pinball-style" arcade games, released in 1979; it was also included as a "hidden" game on the Japanese version of Namco Museum Vol. 2 for the Sony PlayStation, along with its successor, Cutie Q (the N. American version of that title included Super Pac-Man instead). The table's components, like those of its predecessor, are explained below.

Table components[edit]

Bomb Bee Table Components.png
  • 1: Pop Bumpers - 10 points; their point values can be increased to 100 by clearing out the Side Drop Targets.
  • 2: Top Drop Targets - 20 points (first row), 40 points (second row), 60 points (third row), and 80 points (fourth row); clearing them all out will increase the point value of the Spinner and cause a 1000-point Pop Bumper to appear. Once you've hit it enough times, it will explode, and a new set of Top Drop Targets will take its place.
  • 3: Centre Drop Targets - 10 points; once you have cleared out all twenty of them, a new set will take its place the next time your ball lands on the bottom paddle (or either of the barriers in the Drainage Chutes if present).
  • 4: Spinner - 10 points; its point value can be increased up to 100 by clearing all twenty-five Top Drop Targets.
  • 5: Side Drop Targets - 10 points (first row), 30 points (second row), 50 points (third row); clearing them all out on one side will increase the point value of its Pop Bumper and also activate the barrier in its Drainage Chute.
  • 6: Pocket Drop Targets - 100 points (first), 300 points (second), and 500 points (third); clearing all of them out on one side like all fifteen of those Side Drop Targets, also activates the barrier in that side's Drainage Chute.
  • 7: Namco Lights - 50 points; lighting up all five of these increases that bonus multiplier (they are also all blue).
  • 8: Bonus Multiplier - You'll receive this every time your ball goes out of play; it can be increased by lighting up all five of the Namco Lights (and, as this Gee Bee title was released directly by Namco in the US, they were not changed to Gremlin logos this time).
  • 9: Drainage Chutes - You can activate the barriers in them by clearing all fifteen Side Drop Targets and all three Pocket Drop Targets on both sides.
  • 10: Paddles - Use the rotary controller to direct them across the bottom and middle of the screen; once your ball goes out of play, you'll receive your bonus multiplier. You may also receive a "Replay" (again, free credit) on reaching a predetermined point value, depending on how the cabinet is set.