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While the arrangement and layout of the bombs and platforms changes from round to round, as well as which enemies the Mummies transform into, the mechanics of each stage is identical. In order to clear each round, you are only required to collect all 24 bombs in any order. However, to achieve a high score, it is recommended that you collect the bombs in the order that they will appear ignited in. Once you collect one bomb, the next bomb in the series will light up. If you continue to collect only the lit bombs, you will earn a round completion bonus if you collect 20, 21, 22, or 23 lit bombs. The images below show all 16 unique stage arrangements, and the order of the bomb ignitions. Each of the 16 arrangements are used throughout the game.

Stage arrangements[edit]

Level progression[edit]

It should be noted that the California stage appears every 5th round for the first 30 rounds. After round 30, it will never be seen again. In the California stages, the bombs will be arranged as per the stage arrangement indicated, but there will be no platforms available on that stage. Stage arrangement E is only provided twice, on Round 5 and 15.

Round Stage Location Round Stage Location
1 A Egypt 32 C Germany
2 B Rome 33 M New York
3 C Germany 34 N Egypt
4 D New York 35 G Rome
5 E California 36 I New York
6 F Egypt 37 L Rome
7 G Rome 38 O Germany
8 H Germany 39 F Egypt
9 I New York 40 F Egypt
10 A California 41 H Germany
11 J Egypt 42 P Germany
12 K Rome 43 G Rome
13 L Germany 44 D New York
14 M New York 45 K Rome
15 E California 46 C Germany
16 N Egypt 47 L Germany
17 O Rome 48 I New York
18 P Germany 49 B Rome
19 B New York 50 I New York
20 N California 51 J Egypt
21 K Egypt 52 N Egypt
22 G Rome 53 K Rome
23 D Germany 54 M New York
24 L New York 55 G Rome
25 M California 56 A Egypt
26 P Germany 57 O Rome
27 H Germany 58 F Egypt
28 O Rome 59 H Germany
29 J Egypt 60 C Germany
30 A California 61 P Germany
31 F Egypt 62 G Rome
Rounds 32 through 63 repeat.
63 D New York