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In addition to the basic controls, there are various techniques and tricks you will need to know to progress in the game. Many of these will be described when you first need to use them, but they will also be described below.

Picking up and throwing bombs[edit | edit source]

If you plant a bomb and do not move from the spot, you can press and hold A button to pick it up. Once you pick up the bomb, you can move while carrying it. The bomb will not explode while you are holding it, so you can carry it for as long as you need. Once you release A button, Bomberman will throw the bomb forward, and the bomb becomes live again. An enemy hit by a bomb throw can be stunned momentarily, making them an easier target for the explosion. Bomberman will drop a carried bomb if he is ever hit, and the bomb becomes live again.

If you equip a Power Glove Charabom, you can influence the throw by pushing the Control Stick forward as you release A button. The further forward you push, the flatter and farther the throw. A full-forward throw will send the bomb a considerable distance; a throw with no push on the stick results in a high lob.

The Big Bomb[edit | edit source]

Picking up a bomb causes it to grow. Holding it long enough turns the bomb into a Big Bomb which is twice as powerful. The Big Bomb can be used to clear large obstacles and to attack big enemies. Big Bombs are the only way to damage boss creatures and the Crush Bombers. Big Bombs are thrown just like regular bombs, but they won't travel as far; still, they can be thrown farther with help from a Power Glove Charabom. Note that only one Big Bomb can be in play at a time. If Bomberman picks up another bomb while a Big Bomb is already out, it won't begin to grow into a Big Bomb until the other Big Bomb detonates.

Bomb Kicks[edit | edit source]

If you run up against a planted bomb, you will kick it a short distance. You can use this ability to kick bombs into holes or under short openings. You can also stun enemies with Bomb Kicks like you can with Bomb Throws. You cannot kick Big Bombs.

If you equip a Bomb Kick Charabom, the bomb will continue sliding along once kicked unless it hits an obstacle or until you press Y button to stop it.

Bomb Barrier[edit | edit source]

Pick up a bomb, and while still holding A button, start holding X button as well. Bomberman will start holding the bomb in front of him as a shield. This is the Bomb Barrier, and it can be used to deflect projectiles aimed at you.

Bomb Pedestals[edit | edit source]

Sometimes, you will notice a gap with a pedestal on it. To cross these gaps, you need to drop a bomb onto the pedestal and walk over the bomb. To drop a bomb at your feet, form a Bomb Barrier and then release A button while still holding down X button. Drop a bomb at the edge of the gap directly in front of the pedestal, and the bomb should fall into place, allowing you to clear the gap. Red pedestals can be crossed by dropping a normal bomb. Blue pedestals are shorter and must be crossed by dropping Big Bombs on them.

Bomb Jumps[edit | edit source]

Bomberman will not walk off a ledge unless there is a ramp on that ledge. Once you gain and equip a Bomb Jump Charabom, you can throw or drop bombs over such ledges. Bomberman can then fall off the ramp and onto the bomb, and he'll jump off the bomb, allowing him to cross gaps. Bomberman can do this multiple times with multiple bombs. He can even jump off Big Bombs for extra height. This technique is essential to find elusive items and to clear later stages.