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Bomberman Generation has two different sets of controls: one for the single-player Normal Game, and one for the multiplayer Battle Game.

Normal Game[edit]

Control Action
Neutral control Character movement
Neutral dpad Zoom in/out
A button
  • Plant bomb. Certain Charabom effects are engaged by holding during planting.
  • Hold to pick up bomb you just planted. Release to throw.
  • Menu actions.
B button
  • Remote detonate bomb (with proper Charabom equipped)
  • Menu cancellations.
Y button Stop sliding bomb (with proper Charabom equipped)
X button
  • Toggle between selecting Attribute Bombs and selecting Charaboms with the C-stick
  • If held while holding a bomb, forms Bomb Barrier.
Neutral cstick Hot-select Attribute Bombs or cycle through Charaboms
L buttonR button Rotate camera
Z button Charabom/Attribute Bomb menu
Start button Pause menu

Battle Game[edit]

Control Action
Neutral controlNeutral dpad Character movement
A button
  • Plant bomb.
  • Hold to pick up bomb you just planted (with Power Glove). Release to throw.
B button
  • Remote detonate bomb (with Remote Control)
  • Run (in Revenge Mode)
Y buttonR button Stop sliding bomb (with Bomb Kick)
X button Punch away bomb (with Bomb Punch)
Neutral cstick Change perspective (before battle begins)
Start button Pause menu