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Megadeth Bypass[edit | edit source]

As you arrive on the Majestar, take a fork to the left, but as you do so, you should be given advice about using a Bomb Barrier. You'll soon come into view of a cannon up on a ledge. These and other cannons in the area lob fireballs that pack a high blast radius and hurt for two small hearts. Have Andlar or Angol equipped, and as the cannon fires, use the Bomb Barrier to block the shot, then toss the bomb with a high lob up to the cannon to destroy it. Repeat for the rest of the cannons in the corridor. Don't worry about the gap for the moment and instead step on the green switch to lower the force field that was blocking the way forward in the beginning.

Continue straight past the intersection, then take the next right. You'll soon reach a Charabom Battle Portal. This one holds the last essential Charabom in the game: Pox. Defeat him using a Merged Charabom and you'll finally gain the Radio Control ability. What this does is that, so long as you hold down A button, the bomb you plant will respond to your controls. Now, carefully make your way down the corridor (carefully because two cannons guard the way, and they're too far away to blast). But up ahead is a ramp. Now you can blast them safely from behind where they can't hit you. Further ahead is a bridge you can cross, but deal with the Fireball Beetle first. Now head down the ramp and along the narrow corridor. Watch out! Up ahead are Raygun Bandits, and they won't hesitate to shoot you. Clear the corridor and you'll soon reach another force field as well as another ramp. Divert to the left, past gate HG02 to where an elevator and a red switch are located. Blasting the red switch activates the elevator, allowing you up to another level. A Charabom Merge Portal is nearby, but there's no ramp up there. But there is a ramp back down. Use that to your advantage by using a Bomb Jump Charabom like Fire Horn to jump the gap and get up to the higher level where you can reach the portal. Having gotten Pox earlier, you can combine him with Kai-man here to create Shelks. Shelks addresses the one weakness of Pox: you can't move while you're moving the bomb. Now combined with Kai-man's Shield, an automatic defense can guard you from most damage while you move the bomb.

Now it's time to lower gate HG02. Drop back down, return to the intersection, and climb up the ramp. From here, you should see a yellow switch across the gap; this lowers gate HG02. Unfortunately, you should also see a Bomb Eater. Deal with the Bomb Eater before leaving the bomb on the switch. Cross gate HG02 and you can step on a green switch to lower a nearby force field and open the way ahead. Deal with Bandit Coins, but watch out when you turn a corner. Cannons guard the next leg, and they're again too far to blast. And they're timed so that a simple run is impossible. You must use Bomb Barriers to guard yourself. Keep that bomb (now a Big Bomb) in hand, because you'll soon reach a dead end. It's hard to see, but in the middle of the gap is a Big Bomb Pedestal. Set the bomb there, and you can walk across and hit the green switch to lower the force field that was blocking the way before near gate HG02. You can now head up the ramp and deal with Fireball Beetles and those cannons you couldn't tackle earlier. Also up there is a translucent bridge. Make it solid with a Light Bomb and cross over. This looks like a dead end, but look down on the level below. There's a Giant Leaf. Throw a Wind Bomb down there and you can lift it up to your level so you can climb on and ride it down. Ignore the force field and continue straight.

Hide in the gap for a moment so you can throw a bomb up to deal with the Raygun Bandit. Note the curious setup of the Bomb Pedesatals. You need to drop a Big Bomb on the first one, followed by a regular bomb on the other one to cross the gap. Once you cross, though, have a bomb in hand, because two more cannons guard the corridor ahead. If you want to take them out, you need the Power Glove (either Andlar or Angol) to get the bomb high enough. Then there's another Raygun Bandit around the next turn. You should eventually see two giant leaves and the green switch to the force field hovering over a hole. Either Kick a bomb into the hole or use a Line Bomb ability plant a bomb over the hole to lower the switch so you can shut off the force field. However, instead of just opening gate HG04, continue past it, passing two cannons and a Bomb Eater, to gate HG03. The room inside is guarded by cannons too far to blast, but you can use Shelks to guard yourself while you radio control a bomb over to a red switch on the far side of a gap. Once it and the red switch on the near side are blasted, you can cross the gap to reach the final Charabom Merge Portal. This one combines Ligon and Marine Eel to form Lai Eel. This completes your Merged Charabom assortment and leaves you just one Charabom from the whole set. Now, deal with the cannons peppering you earlier and return to gate HG04.

Twin Giant Turrets

As if the blasts from these giant turrets weren't bad enough, they're invulnerable as long as those force fields protect them. At least they're slow to turn. You can easily keep ahead of their turning as long as you pay attention. What you need to do is turn off their force fields first. Head to the left. Keep the cannon turned away as you set a bomb on the yellow switch. This lowers a platform to a green switch. Hitting the green switch lowers the left cannon's force field, making it vulnerable to Big Bombs. Two big hits should knock out the first turret and reveal a yellow switch. Ignore it for now and concentrate on the other turret. This turret's force field switch is over a hole, so you you need to kick a bomb into it or drop one in place with a Line Bomb. Hit the switch and deal with the turret like you did the other one. Now you have both yellow switches exposed. Drop one bomb on each of them. One opens gate HG05 and the other opens gate HG06. Only when both are open will the exit be accessible.

Lightning Cards[edit | edit source]

  1. In the chamber next to the Portal where you get Pox are a number of Bandit Coins and a Giant Leaf. You can use Pox to deal with the Bandit Coins from the other room. Deal with the cannons in the hallway before trying to go into the room itself by lowering gate HG01 with a bomb on the yellow switch. Ride the Giant Leaf with a Wind Bomb to get up to the Lightning Card.
  2. Next to the green switch over a hole are two Giant Leaves. Take the one on the left side and make you way all the way around to reach the Lightning Card.
  3. After you beat the miniboss and open gates HG05 and HG06, but before exiting the level, ride the Giant Leaf with a Wind Bomb to backtrack over to a high platform that contains the Lightning Card.

Psycho Elevator[edit | edit source]

Bomber Elite

"You sure are persistent, aren't you? You must be Bomberman. It's about time you got here. I am Bomber Elite. It looks as though I'm the Leader of the Crush Bombers. Because I'm bored, I'll play with you to kill time. I'll be easy on you."

Professor Ein was spot-on about Bomber Elite being gifted with psychic powers. What he didn't know was that he's a she. She's also the only Crush Bomber to rely exclusively on Big Bombs.

  • Her most basic move is to suddenly teleport behind Bomberman in an attempt to get him to run into her. As soon as she yells "Over here!" and appears, run away.
  • Her other basic move is the Hidden Bomb. She'll drift around dropping Big Bombs around the field, saying either, "Can you avoid this?" or "Watch your step". Thing is, once they hit the floor, they'll disappear. You have to memorize where they were to avoid running into one and getting hit. She always drops at least three of them, and they'll explode on their own eventually.
  • Once one heart is gone, Bomber Elite will discard her basic teleport trick and use a new attack: the Triple Image. Calling out, "How about this?" she splits into three images of herself. They go through a set routine. First, they'll circle around Bomberman (following him) and fire psychic ring blasts (only one small heart). They'll fire a total of six rings in two sets of three, and they generally come from the right, then the left, then the right again, so you can move out of the way with skill. Once the six rings are shot, the three will come together toward the center of the arena. When they do, they'll eventually start firing a rapid-fire stream of psychic rings throughout the arena. The rings can be dodged, but the attack can also be disrupted. If you manage to drop a Big Bomb in the center of the arena and then wait until they come together, you can set it off to hit all three at once: guaranteed to damage Bomber Elite.
  • Once her life is half-gone, Bomber Elite will always follow up the Hidden Bomb with the Orb of Destruction. After three Hidden Bombs, she'll call out "Watch out!" or "Be careful!" and start drawing everything around her in a powerful gravity field. Eventually, she'll uncork a massive blast good for one Big Heart, so keep running until it blows.
  • At one heart to go, the gloves come off. She'll yell, "Now I'll be serious!" and unleash four powerful psychic spheres. They'll expand and circle to cover just about the entire arena. There is a very narrow safe spot right next to Bomber Elite, but it may be tough to get into it at first. When she first calls out the attack, switch to Kai-man to reduce damage while you settle in. You can switch back to a Remote Controller once the attack dies down.

Bomber Elite normally has a force field around her to protect her from damage. But after an attack, this usually goes down briefly. Although Bomber Elite can be stunned, she doesn't stay stunned long enough for a Power Glove throw to be useful. Stick with Remote Control Big Light bombs to do the damage.

Lightning Cards

  1. Defeat Bomber Elite in under 4:00
  2. When Bomber Elite finishes her basic teleportation technique, her force field will go down. Stun her with a Big Light Bomb. This can only be done before she loses one heart since she will switch to the Triple Image afterward.
  3. When Bomber Elite finishes her Hidden Bomb technique, her force field will go down. Stun her with a Big Light Bomb. This can only be done before her life is half down since she will then always follow up with Orb of Destruction.
  4. When Bomber Elite finishes her Orb of Destruction technique, her force field will go down. Stun her with a Big Light Bomb.
  5. When she performs the first part of her Triple Image attack (the three images circling around you), blast the real Bomber Elite with a Big Light Bomb. You may not damage her, but you will still be credited for the Lightning Card.

Mechanikal[edit | edit source]

Your mission is now to seek out and shut down the Majestar's Gigantic Computer. As you round the corner (and deal with a Raygun Bandit), you'll see a box floating in the air. To ground it, set a bomb on the nearby yellow switch. You can now cross over and blast the red switch to open Gate HG01. Hurry through because it doesn't stay open.

Inside are a series of transport tunnels. Note the icons next to them. Those with two arrows on them can be traversed back and forth, those with one arrow are one-way, and those with split arrow lead to high points where you hop off in one of two directions (like the bubblers back in Blakinc Trench). Also watch for the Steel Roller Bug. Not only is it invulnerable while rolling, but he can set off bomb he hits. He's also fast and doesn't stay vulnerable for long, so use good timing. Take the first two-way tube, then the split tube. When you come out, you can jump toward the Steel Roller Bug. Blast the red switch to open Gate HG02 and the way you came. You can now backtrack and jump the other way. Using a Power Glove, throw a bomb through the window to blast the red switch and open Gate HG03. You may notice a robot floating high up. He can be reached. Stun it with a high lob from the Power Glove or, easier, send a Homing Bomb at it. Now set a bomb on the yellow switch to lower the box, cross the gap, and reach the next two-way tube.

You should now reach a conveyor belt guarded by lasers. Combined with the teleporters on each end, the conveyors are actually high-tech versions of the quicksand loops you saw back in TakoDesert. You can try skillfully crossing the conveyor yourself, dodging the lasers as you go, but there's a sneaky way as well: Radio Control. Steer a bomb across the conveyor, dodging the lasers, and when it gets to the end, it'll get sucked into the teleporter. Just like in TakoDesert, the conveyor will briefly reverse, giving you a shortcut to the other side. Reverse the next converyor in whatever way's convenient to get across the wall. Up ahead is Gate HG04, and the yellow switch to lower it is only reached by throwing a bomb across a gap only reachable by a conveyor. Making the throw is mostly a matter of practice and timing. You should make the throw eventually.

After taking care of the flying robot, notice that the box, even when lowered, doesn't fill the entire gap. You need to Bomb Jump the rest of the way. When you get to the split tube, go towards the Steel Roller Bug. Deal with it, the flying robot, and the floating box (you need to time planting on the bomb on the yellow switch so that the box fills the gap when lowered). Then take the two-way tube. In the next room is another laser-guarded conveyor. Thankfully, a red switch, when blasted, shuts off the lasers just long enough to race across. Past a couple of Raygun Bandits and next to a conveyor belt is Gate HG05. It's opened by a red switch on the other side of the belt. but there's a gap, and not even the Power Glove can make the distance. Only the Line Bomb of Fire Horn can reach far enough to blast the switch and open the gate. Inside is the final Charabom Battle Portal: for Big Ox. At Level 50, he can be tough even for a Merged Charabom unless they're leveled somewhere in the 60's. Win Big Ox and you've gotten the last Charabom! This should unlock the Minigames option in the title screen. Now to continue. Get back on the conveyor. You may notice a similar setup at Gate HG06, but pass it for now and ride this conveyor to the end. Across a gap with a number of Bomb Pedestals hides the final Heart Container. It's worth dealing with the Bomb Eaters to get. You can of course set all the bombs manually using Remote Control. But it's easier to use Unicornos's Line Bomb. Why not Fire Horn? The larger gaps between the bombs may not allow the bombs to sit on all the pedesatals.

Now for gate HG06. Again, use Fire Horn to blast the gate switch and hurry inside. This is the final puzzle before the Computer. Another red switch sits in another alcove, meaning you need Fire Horn again. But now you need to time when the bomb goes off because this switch causes the two floating boxes to lower. You want them next to each other so you can cross from the conveyor belt to the tubes. Once there, you can choose from one of three "mystery" tubes (they have question marks on them). The center tube leads to the Computer.

Gigantic Computer

The Gigantic Computer has three faces, and each one has a nasty surprise for you. The first face fires powerful lasers at you from its eyes. Not only do they hurt, but they'll also sweep clean your attempts to plant a bomb on the yellow switch, which you must do to lower a tube to the next face of the boss, so wait until the beams turn off for a moment before making your move.

The second face will pound the ground with a mace. This shockwave will stun you and set off any bombs on the ground. What you have to do is set a bomb so that the mace strikes the bomb directly. This stuns the mace long enough to set a bomb on the yellow switch, lower the tube, and jump in, provided you didn't stun the mace right on the switch.

The third face spouts an endless supply of Bandit Coins. They can hurt, but the coins may also drop small hearts to help you regain your strength. The yellow switch in this area lowers a floating box. Time it so the box fills a gap over to a green switch.

Hit the green switch and the battle really begins. Now you have to deal with the effects of all three faces at once. The faces will periodically rotate zones so the beam will sweep different areas, Bandit Coins will scatter throughout, and that accursed mace will hinder any efforts on your part no matter where it's located. The weakness of the computer, naturally enough, is at the laser face. You have to steer one bomb into one of the low openings that occasionally opens on the bottom, all the while keeping the mace busy and dodging the coins. Shelks is probably a good idea here since you're shielded while steering, but remember to cut and run if the faces rotate or the mace wakes up again. Score one inside hit and the computer finally shuts down, opening a tube over to its power source: the Bomb Element.

But as you approach, the Living Flames, who have been following you since Nekki Moon, suddenly steal the Bomb Element! You have no choice but to go after them!

Lightning Cards[edit | edit source]

  1. Next to Gate HG02 is a gap you can Bomb Jump across. Reach the Lightning Card there.
  2. Past Gate HG04 and across the gap is a split tube. Jump off towards the little room with a cluster of pods and a translucent box. Make the box solid with a Light Bomb, then lower it with the yellow switch so that it bridges the gap to the Lightning Card.
  3. Take the left Mystery Tube. It takes you all the way back to the beginning of the tube maze, but on a ledge that can't be reached any other way. The Lightning Card is on that ledge.

Port Majje[edit | edit source]

Powered by the Bomb Elements, the Living Flames combine into a giant three-headed Living Flame Dragon.

Living Flame Dragon

Remember that this boss is composed of Living Flames, so only Aqua Bombs (in this case, Big Aqua Bombs) can damage it. Fortunately, this dragon has no armor, so there's no particular place you need to put it; anywhere in the blast radius will do. It will take fourteen Big Aqua Bombs to quench the Living Flame Dragon.

  • If you notice the eye in the star upon the dragon's torso open, it's about to spin around, and that "tail" is really a leg. It will stomp the ground, knocking away and detonating any bombs in the area including any you're carrying.
  • Another of its attack is to launch a number of fireballs ahead. Once these hit the ground, they'll leave damaging flames that will linger. Quench them with Aqua Bombs or just let them burn out.
  • In another attacks, the three heads, one at a time, will launch big fireballs that will bounce across the arena. The middle head will shoot first, then the left one, then the right one. Use this knowledge to maneuver around the attack.
  • Eventually, the dragon will raise two defenses. First of them is a flame wall. You can quench parts of it with Aqua Bombs so that you can resume your attack.
  • Secondly, it will occasionally use its wings to produce powerful wind like the Flower Blower.

Retrieving the fifth Bomb Element cripples the Majestar, but suddenly Mujoe reveals that he has already activated his ultimate weapon: the Battleship ArmorJoe. Looks like Bomberman has one more job to do.