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OctoShoals[edit | edit source]

First thing you should know is that, despite being underwater, all your bombs will work here unlike at Lake Mensor.

If you have him, equip Marine Eel, as the Homing Ability is a big plus here. Be careful if seaweed blocks your way through a passage. They can grab you for two small hearts damage. You can either stun them with a blast or send a bomb at them to briefly distract them. Be careful of squid-like creatures with two tentacles or ones that look like little gray ghosts. Both of these go out with big bangs, so be sure to hit them from a distance. Not too far in, you'll run into a Charabom Battle portal for Kai-man, a level 4 water-type. Any Charabom you have should handle him easily, allowing you to use his Shield ability to help reduce damage in dangerous situations...such as just ahead where two seaweeds in quick succession block the way. Rather than take a chance in trying to stun both of them at once, you can use Kai-man, distract the first one and let the other grab you. The Shield will mean you only take one small heart of damage, and you can quickly run through afterward.

Now you'll encounter the bubblers. When Bomberman hits one, he'll float up and down on them. Move the control stick forward to make him progress. If you time the press so that he's at the top of his float, he'll make a floating hop. Try to see if you can hop from bubbler to bubbler. This will help you later when you have to avoid spike fields. Soon fish enter the equation. They'll interfere with any hops you try to make, so time your moves to not only hop at the top of your bounces but also when the fish are low and not in your way.

After riding up a bubbler to a ledge and crossing a bridge full of exploding creatures, you'll come across hermit crabs. Throwing or kicking bombs will normally cause them to hole up in their shells to block the blast, so try Homing bombs from Marine Eel. Now look at the waterwheel with the red switch (for future reference, all red switches must be blasted to activate). Blasting the red switch will cause the waterwheel to reverse direction temporarily. You can ride the waterwheel when it's reversed like this to proceed forward. The switch to the second one is across the gap, so switch to Andlar and throw a bomb so that it can blast the switch. Turn left from here to find two more waterwheels in quick succession. Use Andlar again to quickly plant a bomb and then throw a bomb so as to trip the two switches in quick succession, allowing you to navigate both of them before they switch back.

Past the exploding creature near the bridge and the two seaweed is a house that constantly streams out lots of fish, preventing you from going anywhere with the bubblers. Throw a bomb onto the red switch. When it goes off, the house should briefly stop releasing fish, allowing you to get across to the ledges and reach the final spike field. Navigate this final obstacle and the exit will be just ahead (rest easy; there is no miniboss in this stage).

Lightning Cards[edit | edit source]

  1. Past a spike field with three bubblers and before the first field with fish is a ledge and a boulder. Take out the exploding creature on the ledge, then use a bomb on the boulder to uncover a bubbler (luring the creature near the boulder might let you do two jobs with one bomb). Ride the bubbler to the ledge and the Lightning Card.
  2. You need Light Bombs. On the ground to the right of the ledge where Card #3 is kept (past the second waterwheel) is a translucent box. It has the Lightning Card inside, but you need to make it solid first with a Light Bomb.
  3. You need a Bomb Jump Charabom. Past the second waterwheel, take the right path and Bomb Jump your way across the gaps (use a Big Bomb on the second one) to reach the Lightning Card.

Blakinc Trench[edit | edit source]

Heading deep into the bottom of the ocean, you will soon encounter bubbler currents. You'll be carried away by these currents and eventually arrive at a bubbler where you can jump off. Once you reach the first shipwreck, pass through the tunnel and cross the gap where the ship's broken in half. At the other side, a ghost will pull shut the door to the next tunnel if you approach, so blow up the ghost by tossing a bomb over the rocks first. Once you're through the second tunnel, you can use the bubbler to get onto the ship itself. You can knock down the rear mast with a bomb to go on, but a detour is advised. Knock down the mainmast with a Big Bomb, then the forward mast with a regular bomb. An exploding creature guards the Charabom Battle Portal for Ligon. He's an Earth-type, so he's weakest against the Fire-type Dorako, but Dorako may still have trouble unless he's near Ligon's level of 17. If in doubt, use a well-leveled Andlar or Marine Eel to beat and claim him. Once you get Ligon, feed him whenever you can; leveling him up will be very useful later.

Moving on past the first shipwreck, you need to ride one current to reach a ledge and then drop off from there into a circular current that eventually deposits you atop a bubbler placed pretty high up. Look around and you should see a passage away from the currents. Hop this way and the path will lead you to the second shipwreck. This time, three ghosts are holding the tunnel closed. Blast them all like you did the one before and you can make your way through the tunnel, across the gap, and to the bubblers. Once on the ship, watch out for the Hige Hige Coins. Note that not only is the mainmast on the other side of the gap this time, but a ghost is holding it up. Before the mast will succumb to a Big Bomb thrown with help from Andlar, you have to deal with the ghost first. Once you cross and knock down the forward mast, you need to close off the current that keeps sweeping you to the left. Do that by using Andlar to toss a bomb up to the boulder above the current's origin.

You'll now come across a huge but intact ghost ship. Thing is, it's tied down to the sea floor. Remedy that by blowing the stakes out with bombs. Then use the current to get to the bubbler and hop onto the ship. Stand on the green switch to get the ship going, but you'll be quickly stopped. Look over the stern and you'll see that ghosts are now pulling on the ropes. Toss bombs overboard to blow them away and then step on the switch again to finish the ship's journey. It should eventually knock over its masts. One leads towards the end of the level, while the other leads back to the second shipwreck. Go the latter way first, as some backtracking is in order. Make your way across the shipwreck and back to the point where the ghost ship once stood. You should see a hidden spot revealed by the ship's moving. Inside one of those jars is the second Heart Container. Now return to the ghost ship, exit forward, and round the corners to a dead end...where the Hige Hige Bandits are waiting for you.

Hige Hige Sub

The Hige Hige Bandits will fire rapid salvos of cannonballs from their sub. They're tough to avoid once they start flying, but if you can avoid them, try to get around to its rear where you have the most time to react when it turns. The easiest way to attack the sub is to equip Marine Eel so your bombs home in on the sub.

NOTE: There is no exit arrow in this stage. The stage ends as soon as you defeat the sub, which Bomberman will ride up to the surface.

Lightning Cards[edit | edit source]

  1. You need Light Bombs. Near the Hige Hige Sub is a jar on a ledge and a translucent bubbler. The Lightning Card is in the jar, but the only way to reach it is by making the bubbler solid with a Light Bomb.
  2. Past the first shipwreck is a jar protected by a hermit crab and a current. The Lightning Card is in that jar. To reach it, ride the current to the bubbler, then hop towards the jar; you should land behind the current.
  3. Not far from Card #2, drop into a circular current that leads eventually to the high bubbler. Aim for the ledge in the center of the current to land on it and claim the Lightning Card there.

Curreina Fields[edit | edit source]

Beauty Bomber

"I am the symbol of love and beauty. I am the Red Jewel of the Crush Bombers. I'm Mistress Beauty Bomber. And, Bomberman, to my beauty, you will bow before me!"

Always accompanying Beauty Bomber are three rocket-powered lasers. The middle one provides her shield, which you'll need a Big Bomb to bring down for a while, while the other two attack you at times. Beauty Bomber's has the following attacks:

  • She launches a Bouncy Bomb at you. She calls out, "Here!" or "Catch!" as she does this. As the name implies, it'll bounce towards you around four times before exploding, unless it hits and stuns you.
  • She can send the attack lasers to pursue you. Once they stop moving, they'll cut arcs around them that can damage you for two small hearts. These may be tough to avoid, so if in doubt, switch to using Kai-man to reduce the damage or try stunning her (read below).
  • At two hearts down, she begins using one of her signature attacks, the Lure of Elegant Flash. You'll know it's coming when the attack lasers orbit her and start shooting beams straight down. She'll then levitate up, call out the attack, and all three lasers will converge towards your position in a big blast (careful, this can take out a Big Heart if you get caught in it, so once you hear, "Flash!" and the beams start converging, move away).
  • Finally, at one and a half hearts to go, she'll use her other signature move: Gorgeous Showtime. Once she calls it out, all three lasers project very wide beams that circle around her, both protecting her and potentially hurting you for two small hearts. The beams spread out and converge as they orbit her, making them pretty tough to evade. But without the shield laser in normal operation, she is actually vulnerable during Gorgeous Showtime...if you can get a Big Bomb past those lasers.

One saving grace is that, unlike Megaton Bomber, Beauty Bomber is vulnerable to stunning, but only with Big Bombs. Using Andlar, you can use one Big Bomb to safely bring down her laser shield, then throw another one directly on her. She should be stunned long enough to score a hit. Her attack lasers and Lure of Elegant Flash can actually be disrupted if you stun her while the attack's being set up.

Lightning Cards

  1. Defeat Beauty Bomber in under 4:00.
  2. Score a direct hit on her laser shield rocket (the device itself, not just the beam) with a Big Fire Bomb. This can only be done while the shield is up.
  3. Score a direct hit on her laser shield rocket (the device itself, not just the beam) with a Big Aqua Bomb. This can only be done while the shield is up.
  4. Disrupt her Lure of Elegant Flash by stunning her with a Big Bomb. The moment to do this is when she stops moving but before she lifts into the air (this can be tough; not only are the lasers still moving but she sometimes raises a shield before doing this).
  5. You need Wind Bombs. As she performs Gorgeous Showtime, get a Big Wind Bomb into her path so that the lasers detonate it close enough to hit and damage her. A good time to try this is when the attack first starts up and the lasers are at their closest; she can still be damaged here.

Bigbu Iceberg[edit | edit source]

As you navigate past ice-skating bandits and penguins that kick cannonballs at you if they see you, you should see pieces of ice protected by green ice. The green ice can be cracked by a blast. This will free the ice within, turning it into a floating platform you can use to cross the water. Free and take the one on the right first. You'll notice a green seesaw. A bomb blast to one end of it will push that end downward, lifting the other end up. Do this on the near end to turn it into a ramp you can climb up to reach the MotorBomber minigame. Clear MotorBomber and you can use the Shaved Ice in the next stage to make Ice Bombs. Now retrace your steps (throw a bomb to make the seesaw tilt again) and take the other floating ice across and onward. Cross the two seesaws there, noting that big seesaws need Big Bombs to give them enough push.

In the next area, Bandits will be guarding several igloos. Beat them and another one will just pop out. To keep that from happening, kick a bomb inside the igloos to blow them out. Further ahead, you'll encounter a very heavy sea lion weighing down a chunk of ice. You need to blast it with two regular bombs or one Big Bomb to remove him and allow the ice to lift up, but the sea lion can fight back. Throw or kick it right on him, or even too close, and the sea lion will pick it up and slap it right back towards you! The easiest idea is to throw or kick a bomb with Marine Eel so that it explodes on impact, before it can counterattack. Deal with another igloo and two more sea lion. Now you'll come across a group of five of them. You won't see any more progress until every one of them goes down, which will probably be easier with carefully-placed Big Bombs which can easily take out two or three at at time. Then, the ice they were weighing down will finally lift up, opening the way forward.

In the next area, you'll notice a seesaw that's being kept tilted in one direction because of a waterspout, but notice that under the other end is green ice. Blast away the green ice and another waterspout will open up, countering the pressure from the first one. This will level the seesaw and let you cross. Ahead, you'll notice a big seesaw that's guarded by a sea lion high on a ledge. Deal with the sea lion first, then use a Big Bomb to lift the seesaw up so you can get past. Deal with another Bandit Igloo and you'll run into another big seesaw. To move on, blow a big bomb on the near end so you can climb up to the ledge. There are two waterspout seesaws next; deal with them like the first one by blowing open the green ice.

Lastly, you'll see two sea lions high up on ledges of ice. Beating each sea lion breaks the ice on which they sit, and knocking out both of them causes the ice to come together allowing you to cross, climb up, and enter the cave where the exit arrow is located (the igloo there will not produce Bandits, but it can be blown out if you feel like it).

Lightning Cards[edit | edit source]

  1. You need a Bomb Jump Charabom. This one is tough, as you only get one shot at it each trip through the stage. Past the seesaw lifted by waterspouts, you should see two sea lions, one to the right on the ledge and one to the left in a hole. Defeat the left one an the hole he's in will rise up. Get on it before it gets away and it'll lift you up. Now you can Bomp Jump off the nearby ramp and to the other pillar, where the Lightning Card is kept.
  2. At the big seesaw after the sea lion on the ledge, instead of using the Big Bomb on the near end, throw it on the far end. That will push that end down and reveal a passage that lets you reach the four jars you couldn't reach by taking the seesaw up. The Lightning Card is at the dead end there.
  3. After you defeat the group of five sea lions and lift up the big piece of ice, double back down the ramp. A cave has been revealed by the lifting ice, and the Lightning Card is inside.

Bigbu Cavern[edit | edit source]

You should notice a few things soon after arriving. First will be doorways covered with ice. Small doors can be opened with regular bombs while bigger ones you encounter later need Big Bombs to break open. Seconds, notice slabs of ice that look like they can slide along depressed tracks. Again, regular bombs will force small block to slide while the bigger ones take a Big Bomb to move over (the big ones are also usually reversible, so keep that in mind). Behind an ice door and a small sliding block is a Charabom Battle Portal for Pommy. If you've been feeding Ligon since you first got him at Blakinc Trench (and especially if you've backtracked to get more feed), then his Earth element should be more than enough against Pommy's electricity and level of 20 (water-types like Andlar and Marine Eel are not advised here unless they're significantly leveled up to counter their elemental weakness). Getting Pommy is another watershed event for you because his Remote Control ability allows you to detonate bombs at will; timing is no longer an issue when setting up your bombs now.

Ahead will be a huge piece of sliding ice that blocks your way. However, if you blow up its left side with a Big Bomb, it'll slide right revealing a tunnel within itself you can use to pass through. Further ahead is another large sliding ice. Slide it over with a Big Bomb, but you'll see the opening blocked by a smaller piece of sliding ice that's already slid forward. You can toss a bomb over the short ledge to a point in front of the ice. When it goes off, it should slide the ice backwards into a hole, opening the way to the tunnel. Now, to get past the tunnel, you need to first set a Big Bomb to the right side of the tunnel and then get in the tunnel (Pommy is useful here so you don't have to rush). When the Big Bomb goes off, it'll slide the tunnel and you into the opening. At the end of the next passage is a big ice door, so break it down with a Big Bomb. But past the door is a whole mess of cannonball-kicking penguins. Rush in if you dare, but you might try sticking near the doorway and tossing Homing Bombs with Marine Eel to keep your distance.

Past another big ice door is an interesting puzzle. A large piece of ice is being blocked by a piece of sliding ice, but the ice is weighed down by a sea lion, keeping it from sliding. Two Big Bombs are needed: one for the sea lion, and one for the sliding ice. Once the small ice slides, the big ice will move over and open the way ahead. Branch off to the left to discover two piece of ice trapped in green ice. Use Andlar to heave a bomb over the water to free the far one, then free the near one. The two will now float towards each other and back, giving you a way to cross. Father down will be another trapped piece of ice. Freed, it'll start floating towards a large ice door. Let the Big Bomb ride the ice first so you can blow out the door, then ride it itself to go through the door. Beyond is the Ice Bomb Merge Portal, which you can use if you won the Shaved Ice last stage. With Ice Bombs, you can now freeze waterspouts, stopping anything spinning on them and sometimes allowing you to walk over the top of them. Move on to another ice and sea-lion puzzle. Deal with the sea lion and slide the ice it was on, but your way's still blocked by the ice on the right, and it won't slide forward. To move this one, move into the gap on the right side and toss a Big Bomb over the barricade so it lands in front of the ice. This will slide the ice back and finally open the way. Two more sea lions weight down the tunnel leading to the exit. Deal with them accordingly, and the tunnel will rise up and let you through.

Lightning Cards[edit | edit source]

  1. Near the first big sliding ice with the tunnel in it, branch off to the left and then into the small room to the right. There will be two boards between two ledges and laid over green ice. Breaking the green ice will open waterspouts that will lift up the boards and make them spin. Once you get Ice Bombs (and preferably Pommy), freeze the waterspouts so that they line up at least close to end-to-end to form a bridge between the ledges you can cross to reach the Lightning Card.
  2. After you move the first big sliding ice with the tunnel in it, climb up the nearby ramp and walk over the sliding ice to reach the Lighting Card on the other side.
  3. Past the first sea lion/sliding ice puzzle, continue ahead through the winding tunnel until you encounter a floating piece of ice and another trapped by green ice. Pommy is not necessary here but helps with the timing. Throw a bomb onto the free-floating ice such that it floats over to the other side by the time it goes off, freeing the other piece of ice and allowing you to cross over and reach the Lightning Card.

Bigbu Cavity[edit | edit source]

Note that the boss battle here will comprise two parts.

Hige Hige Gunship

Your first obstable will be a gunship. Three broadside guns will start firing cannonballs straight ahead (watch when they flash red; that means they're about to fire). Meanwhile, penguins will be popping in literally left and right. Taking out the broadside guns (a quick way to knock them out is, as soon as you see them, kick a Homing Bomb towards them with Marine Eel) will cause tentacles to come out and replace them, making it hard to get close. Worse, now the turret on deck comes into play, and it lobs huge fireballs (but again, it flashes red before shooting). When the ship gets close to you, position yourself a little to the left of the ship and use Andlar to throw a Big Bomb on deck to take out the turret.

But sinking the gunship is the easy part. Now the fun begins as a huge squid emerges out of the water and the wreckage of the ship.

Ol' Shark Claws

Ol' Shark Claws is a pretty nasty customer, primarily because of its main attack, the launching of numerous tiny flying spawn to pursue you. They explode on contact like bombs, so not only can they hurt you, but they can disrupt bomb throws (which can hurt you as well). Every time they just about run out, Shark Claws will spawn more, so they're a constant menace. A good mitigation is to set up some bombs in front of Shark Claws near the point where the spawn will come down. Using Pommy, you can set them off as they land, getting most of them and buying you some breathing room.

Hurting Shark Claws involves two steps, and Pommy is practically essential here. First, you have to get his attention with a Big Bomb set off near him. Pommy makes it easy since you can just toss it right next to him, get clear, and set it off before it turns away. This won't hurt it, but it'll trigger one of its most damaging attacks. It'll try to turn towards you (about as far as 75 degrees at first) and then sweep wide with both tentacles and try to engulf you. If he gets you, that's one big heart of damage, but on the other hand, if it grabs a Big Bomb, it goes off inside and hurts it. This is the only way to damage Shark Claws, so once you stun it, you need to set up another Big Bomb, place it about 75 degrees near its face, and beat it in the same direction so you don't get caught in it. You need Pommy because you don't want it to go off before it gets swallowed.

Once Shark Claws is down to two hearts, it'll get much more aggressive. It'll start launching the spawn in a massive mortar salvo. They'll explode on impact and will range over a wide pattern. The safest place to be when the attack starts is towards its rear, preferably directly behind it. It'll go straight into generating more spawn after that, so set up accordingly. Also, it'll be more aggressive when trying to engulf you. Once you stun it, it'll always turn towards you (even 180 degrees) and track you briefly before trying the engulf. This time, have the Big Bomb ready, wait for it to turn, then toss it in its face and run; this should get it to swallow four more bombs.