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Except for World 6, each world in Bomberman Generation comprises multiple stages (worlds 1-3 have six stages, worlds 4-5 have four stages). Clearing a stage unlocks the next stage, and clearing a world unlocks the next world. Any completed stage can be replayed, and any stage (even if incomplete) can be abandoned; however, anything collected in a stage will not be kept unless it is completed except for health. Your current health will remain at its current level if you abandon a stage, but if you exit to the Title Screen and reload a save, your health will return to the level it was when you last completed a stage.

Normal Stages[edit | edit source]

Most stages are normal stages where you must explore, navigate obstacles, and ultimately reach the exit arrow at the end of the stage.


Many stages, however, have mini-bosses guarding the exits. You must defeat the mini-boss in order to reach the exit arrow.

Lightning Cards[edit | edit source]

Each normal stage has three Lightning Cards hidden within. Most are in difficult-to-reach locations requiring some puzzle-solving to reach. If a Lightning Card description is italicized, it cannot be reached in your first trip through a stage because reaching it requires an ability you do not get until later. Return to the stage with the required ability to retrieve the Lightning Card then.

Crush Bomber Stages[edit | edit source]

The two other types of stages are both boss stages.

Crush Bombers

Halfway through each of the first five worlds, you must face off against one of the powerful Crush Bombers. Each one has a unique set of techniques, both for attacking you and for defending against your attacks. Each Crush Bomber has four big hearts, and you must knock them all out to defeat the Crush Bomber.

Lightning Cards

Each Crush Bomber stage has the potential for winning five Lightning Cards. Each one is won by fulfilling a specific condition during the battle. Cards missed during a previous battle can still be won by replaying the battle, but you only keep the cards if you win the battle.

Boss Stages[edit | edit source]

Finally, at the end of each world, you must fight to win the Bomb Element.


At the end of each world is a huge boss that has gained the power of one of the Bomb Elements. You must learn each boss's pattern and learn how to inflict damage on it in order to defeat the boss and retrieve the Bomb Element from them. Like the Crush Bombers, they will only be damaged by Big Bombs, but some may only take damage if hit in a certain way. You must knock out all of the boss's hearts to defeat it.

The Lightning Cards come into play here. If you get into trouble during the fight, and you've collected enough of them within a world, Max will step in to help you out, damaging the boss with one of his bombs and leaving you a Big Heart to help you along.