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Bonkers: Wax Up!
Developer(s)Al Baker & Associates
Publisher(s)Sega, Tec Toy
Year released1995
System(s)Sega Game Gear, Sega Master System
Preceded byDisney's Bonkers
Followed byGargoyles
SeriesDisney Afternoon
ModesSingle player
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Bonkers: Wax Up! is a platform video game developed by Al Baker & Associates, published by Sega and released in February 1995 for the Game Gear under the Sega Club brand. It is based on the Bonkers television series. The game was exhibited in the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show. It was later ported to the Master System in 1998 and published by Tec Toy.


The player has Bonkers making his way through a level to find and collect a certain number pickle clues and rescue any waxed toons, while dodging hazards and fighting enemies. Food items grant Bonkers health recovery, badges grant bonus points and Bonkers icons grant extra lives.


The toon cop Bonkers D. Bobcat goes on a mission to follow a trail that will take him to the casting factory where he has to rescue his partner Lucky Piquel and several toons that have encased as wax statues by the evil Madame Whosaid, who plans to open her own wax museum.

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