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  • Neutral dpad: Use the direction pad to guide the player throughout the screen. The player can move in all four cardinal directions, but not diagonally.
  • A button: Press the A button to place bombs on the ground where you stand.
  • B button: Press the B button to dig a hole in the ground in front of you, or to fill a hole up if you happen to be standing in front of one.
  • Start button: Press the Start button to begin a new game, or to pause the action mid-game.
  • Select button: Press Select on the title screen to choose between a one or two player game, or to continue the game from where the previous game ended.


Booby Kids FC Player1.png
Booby Kids FC Player2.png

Each player controls one of the Booby Kids. Player 1 controls the blue kid, and player 2 controls the red kid. The kids' goal is to collect every treasure item on the stage, and then enter the door to travel to the next stage. There are 21 stages in all, with the last stage featuring a giant boss that is only defeated when all of the treasure items have been collected. You have a time limit of 5 minutes in which to collect every treasure. You will lose one life if time runs out. The entire stage is reset when a kid loses his life. The kids are highly skilled at digging and filling in holes. That is both their primary offense and defense against the enemies that are running around the stage with them, trying to catch them. If a kid is touched by an enemy, they will lose one life. The enemies will fall into the holes dug by the kids, and then the kids can temporarily remove the enemy from the stage by filling in the hole. If an enemy is left in a hole long enough, it will eventually climb out and escape. The kids are also in danger of falling in their own holes. Once this happens, there is no escape and you will lose one life. A kid will also lose a life if they fall into water. If a kid buries one of the two types of enemies present on each stage, the enemy may leave behind an item that will help the kids out. The game is over when a kid loses all of his lives, or when he collects all the treasures from the 21st stage.


All items, except for the bomb, are obtained by burying one of the two types of enemies that are present on each stage. Only one of the enemy types may leave items behind, and not every instance of that type will do so. Bomb are obtained by finding the illusionary bomb depots that are present on certain stages. More information will be provided about them in the walkthrough.

Item Description
Booby Kids FC item freeze.png The Freeze Panel will cause all enemies to freeze into blocks of ice. The ice can then be pushed and shattered against walls and other objects for points. Enemies will return on their spawn panels, and instantly refreeze once they are fully spawned. However, please note that you can be killed if you are standing on the panel just before they freeze. The panels will begin to flash when the freeze effect is about to wear off.
Booby Kids FC item timestop.png This red ball will cause time to stop for all of the enemies on the stage. They will remain motionless and will not chase after the kids. However, you will still be killed if you happen to run into one of the enemies, even though they are motionless. The enemies will begin to flash when the time stop effect is about to wear off.
Booby Kids FC item clock.png Collecting the clock will cause time to slow down for all of the enemies on the stage. While you are able to run at full speed, the enemies will only be able to run at half speed. Naturally, they can still kill you if they happen to touch you. The enemies will begin to flash when the slow down effect is about to wear off.
Booby Kids FC item skate.png By grabbing the skates, you will be able to run around the stage at a much higher speed than usual, while the enemies remain at their normal speed. This will give you the advantage of covering a lot of distance in a shorter amount of time. You will begin to flash when the speed up effect of the skates is about to wear off.
Booby Kids FC item helmet.png The helmet item makes you invulnerable to enemy attack for a limited period of time. While it is active, you will flash on the screen. Please note that even when the helmet is active, you can still get killed by standing in the blast of one of your own bombs. Your flashing will begin to diminish when the invulnerability is about to wear off.
Booby Kids FC item bomb.png Bomb are collected from special section on certain stages. They are primarily used to clear a path through certain destructible formations, which may or may not contain treasure items beneath them. They may also be used to destroy enemy panels and prevent new enemies from spawning. Beware the blast of each bomb; if you are standing alongside a bomb when it goes off, you will be killed.