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Main Quests[edit]

Fresh off the Bus[edit]

As soon as you finish watching the starting cutscenes, you will be greeted by a Claptrap unit. Follow the robot to the first New-U station nearby to learn about the respawn points; they allow you to revive if you get killed, and also allow you to reset your skills. You can also colour and rename your character as well. When done, the robot will travel towards the gate, although you may choose to explore the local area for some items.

When you approach the first gate, the claptrap will open it for you after the bandits drive past. Enter the gate, killing the bandits as you proceed; you'll eventually catch up with the bandit vehicle, which quickly drives through the gate before it closes. Once all bandits in the area are defeated, the claptrap will tell you about the box and tell you to collect the repeaters located there.

Since the main gate won't open, you will have to follow the robot through a small hole in the right hand side; you will learn the use of crouch and jump. Past the two obstacles are more bandits. Once you clear out all the bandits, you will be able to open the medical facility and speak with Dr. Zed.

Claptrap rescue[edit]

Dr. Zed will give the Skags at the Gate mission, but before you can start it, the Claptrap gets hit by an electrical attack. Kill the bandits climbing over the gate. Once they are dead, examine the claptrap, pickup the repair kit, and fix the claptrap.

Once the robot is repaired, he will open the gate, and return to the bounty board.

Skags at the Gate[edit]

Dr. Zed has asked you to kill 5 Skags, and they will attack the instant you pass the front gates. Return to Dr. Zed to continue.

Fix'er Upper[edit]

The doctor recommends that you obtain a shield to reduce damage from combat. To get one, you'll have to exit Firestone and turn left. Pull the fuse from the broken vending machine and return Dr. Zed's building. Place the fuse on the left of the vending machine to repair it. Finally, purchase a shield (even when playing your second playthrough).

Blinding Nine-Toes[edit]

Nine-Toes is a bandit leader within the local area. Your first attack on him is to enter a bandit base and kill at least eight bandits; even when you killed the quota, there will still be additional bandits in the area.

After completing this section, you may start to encounter bandits approaching from the side of Firestone's gate.

Within this area is a weapon chest.

Nine-Toes: Meet T.K. Baha[edit]

To strike at Nine-Toes, you will first have to meet T.K. Baha, located across from Firestone.

Nine-Toes: Meet T.K.'s Food[edit]

T.K.'s first request is to recover four pieces of food stolen by Skags. The exact positions are marked by the objective indicator, and are guarded by skags around level 3 or 4.

Got Grenades?[edit]

After recovering the stolen food, T.K. sends you to Firestone to purchase grenades to use against Nine-Toes. You can also purchase regular ammunition, basic ammo upgrades and alternate weapons.

Nine-Toes: Take Him Down[edit]

This quest is obtained by speaking with T.K. You will need to clear the obstruction to Skag Gully, and once there, look for the grave of T.K.'s wife. Search the grave to collect some items (including a unique pistol) to assist in defeating Nine-Toes.

The details for defeating Nine-Toes is found within Skag Gully.

When you defeat Nine-Toes, return to T.K. to thank him, and return to Dr. Zed to allow equipping a third item.

Sledge: The Mine Key[edit]

Reward: 1440 XP

Head to Zephyr station, and enter the main building to collect the Mine Key.

Once you are there, the "key" is located on the desk, glowing green.

You will encounter a mixture of bandits, brusers and psychos within Zephyr station.

Sledge: To The Safe House[edit]

Reward: 5760 XP

You will need to head to Arid Hills to complete this mission.

Side Quests[edit]

Get the Flock Outta Here[edit]

At the south east corner of Zephyr Station, Kill 10 Rokks. You will first need to awaken them by approaching their nest.

Breaking Wind[edit]

You need to release three turbing locks witihn Zephyr Station, to the south of Sledge. The three turbine breaks are controlled by small switches, and are both glowing green and marked on the map.

  • One is in the north-east of the base.
  • One is to the east of the central building.
  • The third is south of the central building.

As with the Sledge: The Mine Key quest, you will encounter a mixture of bandits, brusers and psychos.

Hidden Journal: The Arid Badlands[edit]

  • Rewards: 2700XP, $5454

Five log entries are scattered throughout the region. Find them and listen to them. When you collect all five, return to the bounty board for a reward.

The marker is updated to the locations of each journal:

  • Day 1: Found in Bone Head's outpost.
  • Day 43: Found in Nine Toes' bandit outpost near TK.
  • Day 76: Found on top of the central building in Zephyr Station. Look in the red large crate.
  • Day 119: Located near the gate blocking access to Arid Hills.
  • Day 172: Located at north of the bandit camp near Circle of Death. Hidden between some barrels.

Circle of Death[edit]

  • Rewards:
    • Meat And Greet: 504 XP
    • Round 1 (Level 12): 1680 XP, $1947, Shield.
    • Round 2 (Level 15): 2652 XP, $4105, Grenade mod.
    • Round 3 (Level 18): 4800 XP, $9612, Weapon

The Circle of Death is a series of quests within a combat arena.

The initial quest is to head to the arena to learn about the location.

Round 1 involves a fight against a large number of Skags, accumulating with two Alpha Skags, fought one at a time. When you get to the Alpha Skag, try to ensure your shots land on the softer skin or within the mouth for maximum damage.

If desired, you can stock up between rounds with the three vending machines.

Insult to Injury[edit]

The bandits in Titan's End have taken skulls of workers and displayed them on poles. Your mission is to remove these skulls.

The position of these skulls are scattered throughout the base.

Find Bruce McClain[edit]

A wife wants to know about the status of her husband. Head to Zephyr station to find out. He is found in an underground area, beneath a nearby shack.

Collect his diary to complete this section of the mission.

Product Recall[edit]

  • Reward: $4105, 3468 XP

There are three boxes of cigars that need to be recovered.

To reach them, you need to park at the east entrance to Titan's End, and climb along the southern ledge. The first box is found on a table in plain sight, while the other two are in the pit below.

Scavenger: Combat Rifle[edit]

The compass shows the general location of the pieces rather than their exact position. Look for the following:

  • Body: From the bridge, climb up and go to the left, just before the other bridge.
  • Stock: On the bridge on a crate.
  • Sight: Behind the shack containing the weapon crate; up and to the far west.
  • Barrel: On a barrel near the downward side ramp from the bridge.

Like a Moth to Flame[edit]

  • Reward: 8280XP, $8102, Shotgun

From New Haven, a person wants you to take care of Mothrakk in Arid Badlands. Like the three torches in the designated location, and shoot the enemy down.

Mothrakk is a level 25 beast, and will be much higher than most enemies you dealt with in the region. It will launch flame attacks that will obscure your vision with smoke. Once defeated, return to New Haven.

Weapon Chests[edit]

  • When fresh off the bus, jump onto the roof of the building to the left.
  • Located on the central building at Zephyr Station
  • At the entrance to Headstone mine.
  • Within the shack of Bruce McClane (Zephyr Station)
  • Near first cigar box at Titan's End (climb the ledge at the eastern exit).
  • In the bandit outpost opposite the Circle of Death, Cross the bridge, and head up and to the right.

The following chests can be opened once:

  • At the start of the map before entering Firestone; this always provides two specific weapons that are never vary. If there are additional players, there will also be additional repeaters for the team.
  • Near Headstone Mine
  • Within Nine-Toes outpost.