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First area[edit]

This is some form of stable. To the right is a skeleton horse trotting back and forth, and this is the first enemy that requires two hits to defeat.

Before you can reach Van Helsing, you need to first reach the top-right corner of the area. You will have to use background objects to jump on - but depending on the object, you should exercise caution as you can risk jumping into an off-screen enemy walking on the rafters above. When you see the weight held by a string, cut it to have it fall one floor, as well as open the basement.

In the basement, head to the right to speak with Van Helsing. He recommends picking up the wooden stake.

The wooden stake is found left of the basement's exit. There's nothing else to the left, aside from a secret that isn't easily reachable.

There is a pistol just outside the basement entrance. If you want to take it, it is less effective in boss battles, but you can trigger switches at long range.

Second area[edit]

You start at the outside of a draw bridge. If desired, you can jump onto the chain above, and ascend to reach a potion. If you lack a weapon, you can proceed right, and into the cave to collect a blunderbuss.

Climb the trees and follow the ground to reach the first checkpoint.

There is another cave ahead with another blunderbuss, but it is not required either. Continue ascending the trees, and continue right onto the bridge.

At the bridge, you can choose to continue to the right, where you encounter surface creatures as normal, or jump down while hugging the right wall to reach a secret passage.

The lower passage starts with a check point, with a spider at the first drop. On the second drop, you should make a jump rather than going straight down (to avoid a small spider), and collect the potion if desired. Jump over the spear trap to the right, and walk past the falling boulders.

Boss - Dracula's Daughters[edit]

The three Dracula's daughters.

The three daughters will fly back and forth for a while. Every few seconds, they will stop and land, where you can strike them with a melee attack.

The stake makes short work of them - it either hits the first one, or the one standing next in line.

Third area[edit]

This area is inside a building, and also serves as the first difficulty increase with most enemies requiring two or more hits to destroy.

Ascend until you reach the horizontal wooden platform (just below the platform with two spiders), and head to the right. The enemies on patrol on this floor have two hit points, although it is possible to jump over some of them. Head to the top - the spider also has two hit points, and Van Helsing is to the left. He recommends Dynamite.

If you're going for the dynamite, it is just off the top-left room. Ascend the stairs (avoiding the beds with the spiders), and get past the patrolling enemy. When you have the dynamite, you'll need to defeat the same enemy again.

If desired, you can get the wooden stake near the entrance, although this isn't the recommended weapon.

Backtrack to the horizontal wooden platform. When you head to the exit, drop down in the middle of this platform, then jump to the right to a low corridor. There are three two-hit enemies patrolling, and no room to jump over them.

At the end of the corridor, drop down on the right, and jump over the rats as you head left. You need to head over the exit, and all the way to the left. Drop down to see the spiders, and head to the exit.

Fourth area[edit]

This is a simple run to the right, while dodging zombies and bats. Note that some of the bats are a bit more aggressive than usual, trying to fly into the player rather than going through a casual flight.

From the start, continue right to the first checkpoint.

From here, you have a choice to either keep on the high road, or take one of the underground secret passages. Once you go underground, you'll remain on that route until you reach the boss.

First checkpoint[edit]

From the first checkpoint, you can continue right as normal, or go for one of the secret passages.

The first drop (directly at the checkpoint) has a entry directly in the middle of the cliff. If you miss it while falling, you won't be able to reach it. This route contains a potion.

The second drop has an entrance at the base. If you enter, the path heads down and seems to direct you to an unavoidable boulder trap, but you can instead continue left for a safer path.

There is a hidden pit if you follow the surface. Its limit is defined by a patrolling wolf.

Near the end of the underground route is a skeleton. There is also an arrow trap that activates around the midpoint, which is easily jumped over if you know the timing.


Chapter boss

The boss simply runs across the arena three times (but won't harm you when doing so). When he stops, he will throw a knife.

With dynamite, you can throw a stick at him around the time he makes the third dash. Otherwise, you can make an attack just after he throws the knife.